May Challenge

As I said previously I’m trying to lose weight and here my own personal challenge that should help my fit into my summer shorts for June.  This challenge will start tomorrow, May 1st.

Workout Program:

Monday: 30 min Cardio + BodyRock

Tuesday: 30 min Cardio + Upper Body

Wednesday: 30 min Cardio + Lower Body

Thursday: 30 min Cardio + Abs

Friday: 30 min Cardio + BodyRock

Saturday: 30 min Cardio + Full Body Workout

Sunday: 30 min Cardio + Yoga


Try to eat as clean as possible.

Week 1: Get one cheat meal per day.(May seem alittle high but I have problems with binging.)

Week 2: 6 cheat meals per week

Week 3: 5 cheat meals per week

Week 4: 4 cheat meals per week

8 glasses of water a day.

1200 calories a day.

Record intake everyday.


Record my weight everyday to keep myself accountable.

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