Brazilian Butt Workout

We all want a nice butt to make our skinny jeans look good.  Try out this butt workout to tighten, tone and lift your butt!

20 Squats

20 Plie Squats

20 Donkey Kicks per side

This will help tighten your butt while getting rid of the fat on top of the waist.

20 Fire Hydrants per side

20 Circling Donkey Kick(made this name up) per side


20 Frog Jumps

20 Side Lunges per side

30 Alternating Split Jumps

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30 Alternating Sliders

30 Hips Lifts

20 Lunges Kicks per side

Do this 3x through for an awesome butt workout!  I know your buns will be burning by the end of this.

What do you think of this workout?  Did it make you sweat?  How long did it take you?  What body part(s) do you want me to workout next?  Leave it in the comments!

Edit: As of 1/5/13 I will not be responding to comments on this post.  If you have a personal question,  email me at or ask me on my facebook page and I will respond as quickly as I can.  I will still post your comments and I read them all but I will just not respond.

502 thoughts on “Brazilian Butt Workout

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      • To be more precise, it’s a Gradne Plie in Second position.
        Sorry, when it comes to dance, i tend to be very particular.
        BTW< sounds like an awesome workout!!! i can not wait to start it!!! 😀

      • How long did it take you to see results from this workout? Posting the workout you must also do it. and must have been for quite some time so wondering how long it took you to notice results!? Saw this workout and very interested in doing it in prep for my wedding!

  1. I tried this. I will try this for about 6 weeks. It took like 20 minutes, which is not too bad. Yet, I think I need to slow down. I felt it more on the quads than butt. I wonder what i did wrong. The fire hydrants and circling donkey kicks felt off. I need a mirror to see form. I can see pulling a muscle or something over that. It was nice that I could do some of the exercises following the looped videos. I found that helpful. I did sweat! And I would like more butt exercises. 🙂 Thanks.

    • No problem and thank you for such a long comment. I love feedback so keep it coming. And form is a really big part of seeing results from any workouts. It’s a great idea to use a mirror and slow down the movements and make sure to squeeze your butt! If you take pictures please send me a link because I would to see how well this workout works for you 🙂

    • My hard core aerobics instructor which I like to call “the beast” tells us to push out through the heels when we are coming up from a squat. This may help you feel it more through the buttocks area. Try it out.

      I am excited to try this one out. After 3 children I could use a “butt lift”. Thanks!

    • Just concentrate on using your butt while doing it. It is easy to let your quads take over because they are naturally bigger, stronger muscles. Think “butt” while doing the exercises and you will get more out of it there. 🙂 Keep trying.

    • Hi Cintheeia:
      It seems to me that the reason you feel this more in your quads than in your glutes is because you have a muscular or postural imbalance. Not to worry this is common especially if you work in a office or any job where you sit for long periods of time. Put simply,over time muscles that are supposed to assist in certain movements end up taking over. This is fixed with corrective stretches and strengthening exercises. Something you can try at home is foam rolling overly active muscle groups (such as your quads) they have good foam rolling exercises at this link :
      Hope this helps 🙂
      Sincerely, Andrea
      P.s. I know this because I’m a health and fitness professional and I’ve also had the same thing happen to me in the past lol

  2. I like this so far. I picked like 4 or 5 to do yesterday and my butt was feeling it this morning. I also remember the exercises which is a plus because looking it up everyday can get annoying.

  3. Hey lady! I just started this yesterday and oh em gee. I am super sore (thighs and booty). Thanks for posting this, I found it on pinterest -thank goodness I was in need of body weight workout for the butt! I will keep ya posted see how it works out. FYI the fire hydrants are super easy but make me sweat so much, which i don’t mind of course! Again thanks for this !

  4. Just finished this work out! Sweated a lot and felt the burning! Do you know aproximately how many calories do you burn up doing it?
    Thanks for posting this! Looking forward to the results! 😉

  5. I just did this workout and it kicks your ass!! I feel the burn! So far I like it and will keep up with it! Thank you!

  6. Omg this was a great workout, I love how I could follow the pictures that really helped. I sweated a lot and already feel the soreness in my butt yay!! Thanks!

  7. Wow LOVE this workout, can def feel the burn!! Best butt workout I have done!! Love the sore feeling… means I have worked hard! thanks again for posting it, will be adding it to my weekly workouts =)

  8. Wow! This took me about 30 minutes. It didn’t look too intense when I read it and pinned it. I take back any “not-so-intense” thoughts I had! This was great. I can feel the burn in my thighs and butt. This will be my every other night toning for sure. Do you have any arm toning workouts? I do cardio 6/week. I’m glad that this works right in with it!

    I was sweating a lot more than I anticipated during this workout!! Thanks

  9. This workout is amazing, I started it tonight. I can already “feel the burn”. Hopefully I get some good results and I will be telling all the girls I work with about it. Thank you! 🙂

  10. I have lost thirty pounds since February and still have about fifty to go. I have not exercised in a VERY LONG time (over ten years) and so I started using three pound weights for my upper body and arms and was wondering what to do for my lower body and I came across this. I am only able to do half of the exercises but I did complete each one and it felt GREAT to feel the burn! I will definitely work my way up to more. I like starting out with these because they are more stretching. I worry about actually hurting myself after so long of a period of inactivity. Thank you so much!

  11. Hi, I just tried this workout, and it really does something, I can tell! But I have a question. I read thatI I should do this 3 times a week, and I qoute you ‘Do this 3x through for an awesome butt workout!’. So 3 times a week and repeat the whole workout 3x each day? Sorry for the stupid phrasing.

  12. Just got done doing this butt workout OMG i love it, I do zumba 4x a week n the other 3 days I’m doing this workout, can’t wait to see are awesome 🙂

  13. Great work out! I hate/love all the squats 🙂 it took me 45 min to get through all 3 sets with water breaks in between. Butt is sore now we will see about tomorrow- Thanks!

  14. these workouts are definitely proven to lift the booty while giving it that “kim kardashian” look as well. I also recommend some hill sprints, straight leg dead lifts and some clock squats with weights. What a “clock squat” is while standing on one leg you take your weight (5pounds) and bend the leg to touch the weight to the floor at the 9o’clock position (if you are standing on your left foot you would be touching the outside of your foot). Then you stand right back up. Then you bend down again, but this time touch the weight on the floor at the 12o’clock position (left leg, top of foot). Then stand right back up. Then for the finale, you bend down and touch the floor with the weight at the 3o’clock position (left leg, inside of foot). You arent over yet!! A complete rep is to not only go from 9-3, but from 3 back to 9! After you have moved forward and back in time, you are to switch legs. Do 3 sets of 5 reps. If you don’t feel this then increase weight, or add more positions. For example, whenever I do this workout, I do the 9, 11, 12,1, and 3o’clock positions. That way I am extending my repetitions per set for a more challenging workout!!!

    I hope this helps broaden the spectrum to developing a more perfect booty!!!

  15. I really enjoyed this work out (okay maybe not the right words) I was sweating the whole time, it really takes your breath out of you its great. I think something that would help people would be tips on making the best of each exercise like for the fire hydrants its going to work your butt more with the higher you raise your leg. And the circle donkey kicks definitely kill you when you slow them down and really get the height of the fire hydrants in there. (if that makes sense).

    • Yeah you are right about ALL of what you said. It is the coldest part of winter and my basement is freezing,so I didn’t break a sweat. But I did this workout yesterday for the first time. My glutes are barely sore but my thighs are killing me!! Maybe my form was off, or just didn’t squeeze my cheeks enough.

  16. I can’t remember the last time I worked out, I just did one set & my butt is burning already! Love this booty workout! Thanks! 🙂 will definitely be doing this again and working up to three sets.

  17. Great workout!! I’ve been looking for a good addition to my cardio and this is perfect! I could feel it immediately after the workout. Would love to see some chest/back exercises as well.

  18. For time seeing this workout, tried it, loved it and yes it made me sweat! thanks for sharing- no need for butt pads after this 🙂

    • It will work for everyone but if any of the exercises are too hard on your body skip them of modify them to your liking. For example with the donkey kicks put a towel under your knee of that exercise hurts.

  19. Should I do the full workout three times at once and three times a week or only once through and three times a week? Once through kicked my butt! Have any workouts for lower tummy?

  20. Amazing work out!!!! I can totally feel the burn, although some excersises I feel it more in the thigh area than in the butt, does that mean that I am doing it incorrectly?

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  22. I will definitely try this! After I will leave my feedback. It would be great if you also had some ab workouts :]

  23. Just did this routine for the first time, and am feeling IT! Great mix of moves for working these muscle groups and sweating it out 🙂

  24. Hi!

    I tried this out yesterday, and as with some of the other people I only made it through one time, but this morning I can definitely feel the muscles it is working! As a swimmer I don’t get much in the way of glute exercises so this is really great and I love that I can do it at home, thanks so much!

  25. I spend 15 minutes every morning stretching so I added 1/2 this workout (I was a little wary as I am 63 and do not do much physical exercise). Okay, older women want tight butts too! Even though I took my time, I made it through pretty quickly, Felt revved up! Just a little soreness. Think I will switch my upper body weight training to late afternoon or evening! This feels great!

  26. Ouch! I can feel the burn! Thank you for putting the pictures in the exercises in motion. No videos to hassle with and no confusing long paragraphs to figure out. THis is short, sweet (maybe not,) and effective. They way every work out should be!

  27. loved this workout! took me about half an hour to go through it. definitely going to stick with this! recommend this to your friends, its awesome if you have some spare time on your hands to get fit

  28. did this and loved it!! It will definately help me get that amazing butt before my baby gets home from afgan! thanks! i am crazy sore, which i consider an amazing feeling!

  29. Wow, I’m mid-exercise right now. Went thru 1x so far and I’m sweating and my quads are already feeling it!!! May have to work up to 3x 🙂 Excellent workout!! I am definitely going to add this to my routine, felt each and every one of them. Best leg/butt workout I have found yet! I agree with another comment, would LOVE a back workout!

  30. omigosh this is a good workout i feel it in my legs and butt deffinetley guna keep doing this thanks! i need a good workout to burn belly and arm fat.

  31. It is a good workout. I believe doing this 3x every day will definitely tighten my butt and legs. To make it more of a full body work out I kept my core tight. And when doing the donkey kicks I went down into a push up as I kicked out. Thanks for sharing this workout.

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  33. 1st off thanks a million for pictures that actually show you what to do. I’m not very good with the exercise lingo. Lol.

    2nd, mainly the last 2 gave me a lil bit of problems from my wreck in early 2011 (truck v 18 wheeler on interstate) but all in all it’s easier now. Been a slacker lately so I need to get back to it.

    Quick question though. My wedding is coming up & while everything else on my body looks ok enough in my dress, I don’t much care for the way my upper back & arms look & feel in a strapless dress. Maybe it’s just nerves, but do you have any recommendations for exercises that tone your upper body?

    • I actually have a workout called “Toned Arms Workout” which can be found in the fitness category of my blog. For your back, I will be making a workout for that soon but for try doing seated rows(google and tons of pics and explanation will come up) and also google back workouts for women at home and tons of great links come up. And lastly do HIIT cardio to help burn fat and keep a clean diet.

  34. I had a child so naturally everything has shifted. I use to have a really great body, I am pretty much back to my weight before pregnancy but I have these love handles now. It’s this slab of fat sitting right above my butt not my sides but on my back more. I hate them they are the only thing bugging me. Do you have any ideas to fix those? I did loose my butt, but it just fell is all so I am def going to try your butt workout to fix that! Thank you

    • Try doing HIIT cardio, keeping a clean, healthy diet and doing supermans(google superman exercise if you don’t know what that is). Also try looking for lower back workouts and you will come up with alot of workout designed to tone your lower back and will help you lose the fat there.

  35. I love this workout. My son is 3 and he will do most of it with me so it kinda helps us bond since I have a new baby and dont have much time for him. I really need something to help tone my arms though and something to increase my bust size since I lost them once I had my daughter.

    • I have a “Toned Arms Workout” that can be found in the fitness category of my blog. Also, there is no way to increase bust size(I know it sucks :() But doing push ups and other chest exercises will help tone the muscle helping to create “perkier” looking chest.

  36. after 2 days of doing this exercise i can tell a difference my legs are killing me lol but other than that i love it and think its a wonderful exercise

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  38. I did this for the first time, and I’m stilling feeling it 3 days later! Time to get some protein and go again, thanks for this 🙂

  39. Great workout! I did sweat, but I didn’t feel much in my butt. I was feign more in my thighs and hamstrings. So I guess if your looking to work those areas this is a great workout! But more butt exercises would be great

  40. Okay, so I saw this tonight on Pinterest and decided to go ahead and give a whirl. I’ve only done it 1 time through so far and my butt already hurts…I can’t imagine what it’s going to feel like after doing it 3 times! But I’m excited to see what kind of results it produces. I will say I felt it most by doing the fire hydrant!

  41. Genius! Im in high school, and I try to stay fit as I can. I found this through pinterest, and love it! The video pictures are SUPER helpful, and the butt lifts are my fave. I just finished my first set and its a total butt blaster, and my quads and butt feel so good. SO glad I found this site, definitely bookmarked!

  42. Tried the work out, and like it a lot. I’m still a pretty young person but my butt is a little out of shape so this was great. There’s something my sister taught me that could go along with the hip lifters if you wanna feel a little extra burn: If you lift one leg straight in the air and keep it there while doing the same hip movements, it’ll make it a little harder. then all you have to do is switch legs, BUT still keep your butt and hips off the ground while switching legs. After doing three sets of just 20 of these, I feel it for days after; so doing 3 sets of 30 will deffinatly show in little time.

  43. I absolutely LOVE this workout! I could feel the burn by the 3rd exercise, so I knew it was going to be a killer (the good kind)! Thanks for adding the videos that you don’t have to press ‘play’ or log onto an actual computer to see. It has seriously made this 100x more convenient and easier to follow then any other website I have found! I have it bookmarked on my iPhone so i can pull it up at the gym or at home and follow it easily. Thank you so much for an awesome workout and the way you posted it!!

    • I think she has an arms workout it mentions if in another comment..good luck with this one, get ready to get your asa kicked! LOL

  44. kicked my a$$. could only get through two rounds so far and i’m in pretty decent shape. first time i tried only made it through 1.5 rounds and was sore for days. THANK YOU, i have genetic celulite and am really hoping this workout makes a difference. i will let you know 🙂

  45. LOVE this work out. I’m doing Jillian Michael’s workout DVD “no more trouble zones” and she does 5 or 6 of the exercises you have on here. For those of you reading this- I highly recommend of the exercises she has listed!

    If you have LOWER BACK ISSUES like me, the circling donkey kicks and fire hydrants may hurt a bit so go easy at first to avoid injury until you know if your body will be able to handle it =)

  46. I just did this workout for the first time and wow! Am I sweating! XD And totally feeling it in my butt and thighs. It took about 20 minutes to go through one loop of the exercises…I just put on a workout playlist and went for it! Thanks for the workout; I’ll let you know how it works! 🙂

  47. Intense…I got sweaty and really felt my butt getting tone! haha(: I love the moving animations and the fact that it only took me about 20 minutes. This is a a seriously great workout…and I WILL be doing it again!

  48. Ive been working out for about 3 weeks currently, I’m seeing progress in all my other areas, besides my butt lol. And thighs. Can’t wait to try this & see how it works out. Thank you !!

  49. Thx for this workout, wow, I was sweating like crazy the whole time, took me about 40 min as I did take teeny tiny breaks in between to hydrate a little, whew, it burned 400 calories according to my heart rate monitor. Lets see what my butt says tomorrow about the burn 😉

  50. After about zero working out for 1.5+ years (my son’s age) I am starting to workout again. I literally just started four days ago. I found this on pinterest and I decide to try it today.

    I only did it one time through but it was great. I am going to work up to three times. I am so excited because I could feel it in my butt and thighs. Feels great.

    I had some trouble with the donkey kicks because I wasn’t sure about my form. I’ll have to use the suggestion someone made about doing it in front of a mirror.

    This workout is great for when you can’t get to the gym. I did it in my bedroom after I put my son to bed. It was actually fun.

    Let’s see how I feel when I am doing it three times through.

    I am excited to check out your other posts.

    Great job on this one!

  51. I did this earlier. I was sweating a storm and my entire bottom half of my body is hating me right now. It feels good but I should have waited until tomorrow since I ran this morning. Haha.

  52. Great Workout! Wow, my butt is burning! I love that you incorporate pictures and videos, it makes it so much easier to follow and know how to do each exercise. Definitely will be using this, and I will have to check out your others too! Thanks!

  53. I did this last night and only made it through one round! Holy smokes! Giving it another whirl tonight

  54. I found this on Pinterest. I’ve been looking for a great butt routine. I’m hoping it does the trick because I’m turning 40 in November and I don’t want a “40” year old butt. I’ve done several 1/2 marathons and work out regularly but never seem to improve the rear. 😦 Someone asked how many calories this burned. I know we all burn calories differently depending on fitness level and age, but I burned 300 calories in 27 minutes. I did take a water break b/w sets and stopped (very brief) once on the last set to grab a towel to soak up my sweat. Hoping for soreness tomorrow! 🙂

  55. My friend sent me this exercise to try out. It looks amazing and VERRY hard ,But i will give it my all. I will keep you posted . Wish me luck 🙂

  56. Just got done with this workout. After going through it the first time I was feeling the burn, by the second time I was struggling, by the third I was able to only do half, but it is definitely something that I am going to do 3x a week! I don’t sweat, but I get dewy, I am recovering from my 2nd bout with cancer, and this last time well it demotivated me into a severe depression and I gained almost 80lbs. I have now lost 60lbs and I need to tone my once very cute butt. So this and I am going to look at your other blogs, mainly the arm one, and get my once fit body back! Thank you!

  57. ok, so I thought that I would try this out tonight while watching tv. I didn’t think it would be that bad and I love doing something while doing nothing! Well, I only got through one rotation and I am so sweaty. Which is great, but I was already in my pj’s, so now I have to change!!! I had a baby 4 months ago, and I am so looking forward to having my body back with your workouts. Thanks so much for sharing them. My butt needs all the kicking it can get!

  58. So I just started this work out. So far its awesome. I can feel the burn and I’m enjoying it. I took a befor picture and plan on taking a middle and after picture for the 6 weeks. Let’s see some results 🙂 thank you!

  59. three times through????? holy crap i can barely do it once and i sweat like a pig. its quite disgusting. i’ve been doing this every other day for two weeks and people at work said they are seeing a notice! i love love love it! thanks for posting it!!

  60. This really made me sweat in under 15min. I was through the first few and thought it was easy but the circle donkey kicked really kicked my ass haha

  61. i did one set of each, minus the circle donkey, couldn’t quite grasp that one, and my butt and legs are on fire!! i’m just getting back into lifting and running after a meniscus tear, so this made me feel the burn!! great stuff!

    • Tried it today, and it’s awesome! I’m totally out of shape but was able to complete it in about 20 minutes, piece of cake. Grated, I was sweatin’ and burin’, but that’s what a workout is all about 🙂
      Thanks! I’m going to try doing this at least 5 days a week.

  62. This is MAJOR. Great workout. 2 days after I am sore. When starting this, you may want to do 2 circuits and work up to 3 if not in shape. Thanks for putting this online.

  63. this workout is amazing!!!! ive been looking for a good butt/leg workout forever and this one really kills me so i know its working! im going on vacation in 2 weeks so hopefully by then ill see some results! thank you so this !!! ( :

  64. I tried this for the first time today. Since I’m completely out of shape, I only did it one time through. By the top I got to the hip lifts, my cat jumped off the bed and sniffed me to see if I was dying! Great workout and easy to follow, thank you so much!

  65. This is my second day doing the workout. It’s the best workout for butt and legs. I’m sore, but happy about it. The split jumps are killer! Lol I’m looking forward to seeing the results!! Thank you for sharing.

  66. I love this workout… found it on Pinterest and started right away! I’ll do this every day and hopefully see results soon 🙂

  67. Awesome workout!! I only did it once today since I already worked out today and its time for bed, but wanted to give it a shot! I think it’s fantastic! I would like to see arm and abdominal workouts as thats where I need it most, but this was fantastic since by butt/legs still need a workout as well!! Keep em coming!

  68. Day 1 and have completed the complete BB Workout leaving puddles of sweat.. I can only hope my butt will become shapely and reduce in size. As my male sister told me over the weekend that my butt is BIG… This workout confirms that I need the itty bitty tummy workout and one for tighs !!!

  69. I am going to start this along with some of your other workouts tomorrow and will be doing it for the next three weeks. Hoping to get a nice butt for vacation 🙂 This workout is perfect!

  70. I made an inspirational playlist to go with this workout. Just thought I’d share it with you!! My little bum bum loving this!

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  72. I usually do Jillian Michaels video but I decided to change it up a little. it took me about 12 min. I loved it! I am sweating a lot now as I am typing. haha Doing this with some cardio will be great.
    I was skinny before I had my baby and now I am unhappy with myself so hopefully i will see great results! I will let you know! Thanks for posting this!!

  73. Another thing to try: Place a chair with the back closest to you. Start standing slightly left of the chair. Start with your right leg, lifting it up & over the back of the chair, and back down to plant on the ground. Then follow with your left leg up & over the back of the chair. Touch your left foot to the ground, then right away lead with the Left foot, up and over the chair. Then bring your right foot back up & over to the starting position. I do this one in p90x 🙂

  74. Phew! The workout only took me about 15 minutes, but it sure made me sweat! I definitely feel the butt burn and I plan to stick with this. I was a good warm-up to lead into streching, too.

  75. Just did this on my first rep and I’m already sweating and i absolutely felt it in my butt! Tip I did to challenge myself was for the squats I rose on my tipey toes every time i got up off my squat. and for the butt lifts instead of resting your back and butt on the ground after every lift, bring your butt as close as possible to the floor without touching it and left again for the 30 times and you will DEFINITELY burn up. Thanks a bunch for this, this is going to be my daily warm up before my cardio workouts!

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  77. OMG! My thighs and butt are killing me after doing this exercise, but i love it 🙂 I’m gonna try doing it three times a week, and I’ll let you know how it goes 🙂

  78. I’ve done the workout twice now and it took about 15-20 minutes both times. definitely could feel it and it made me sweat which is awesome. So many workouts done at home aren’t challenging enough, but this deff was. It’s perfect that it’s relatively short too because I do it while my son is napping. : D

    Thank you!

  79. Thanks for this wonderful butt workout. I am in desperate need of a toned butt. I tried to do these exercises on an empty stomach! No way! I got through 2 sets but passed out after that. I will try again after eating. I really feel the burn. THANK YOU. People pay a lot of $ for this!!

  80. This is such a great work out! I started to do this workout last Thursday and OMG am i sore! It really gets your heart going and i sweat so much lol! I found this on Pinterest and i LOVE it! thank you so much 🙂

  81. This workout kicked my ass. Haha! Get it? 😉 Made me sweat for sure! Took me about 20 min. Which is perfect because I work out in the morning before work at my house. I would like some really good exercises to slim my thighs and, this may sound weird, to get rid of the extra chub on the insides of my knees. And something to get my calves looking good. So I guess an all around leg work out. I realize this routine works the legs too. I love it! I will make this part of my routine! Thank you 🙂

  82. THIS IS AMAZINGGGGGGGG! i love it,, it really kicks me in the butt lol thanks for this post and wil give a follow up on my results=its ma 1st time though… love you! love it!.. thumbs up.

  83. Did this this morning but paired it with your “itty bitty tummy” workout and some push-ups and jumping jacks. I only did the two workouts once thru until I work my way up but wow I’m actually a little bit shaky while typing this! Good job!

  84. Definitely will have to try this. I have a great butt, but could use some toning. what i could really use though is something for helping perk up the chest. After having my first baby, breasts expanded enormously, and now are just saggy because the muscles underneath are no good >_<. I have very little core or upper body strength, so if it was something that someone not very fit can do, it'd be a great help!

  85. Is this a workout in which you do? If so, how long did it take you to see results? After one my first night, 3x I felt the burning in my buns…I do find this workout credible, so props to you for coming up with it. I just hope it’s credible enough in seeing results. Thanks again. 🙂

  86. WOW!!! When I saw this pin on pinterest, I thought…no biggie! Boy was I wrong! Made it thru to the end but only because I pushed!! Thank you for the amazing workout, can’t wait to see results!

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  88. I didnt think I would sweat so much! The hip lifts work the best for me, I feel it right away! I was tempted to but the BBL videos, but I think this will do just fine 🙂

  89. LOVE this workout I do it every other day during the week 🙂 it’s awesome and I’ve told lots of my friends about it. I have problems doing workout outs that don’t show you pictures. the way I can see how to do all the exercises so easily makes it amazing please! make more workouts like this! they are so easy to do. One for perky boobs would be awesome and one for abs!!! lol 😀

  90. Im 30 weeks pregnant and I just tried to work out and after one cycle my butt is KILLING me. Lol I will try to do the three cycles tomorrow 🙂

  91. holy heck! this worked out my butt so good! by the time I got to the pelvic lift things my butt was killing me! in a good way of course! 🙂

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  93. I’m six months pregnant and haven’t worked out since before I was pregnant. I have to skip the jumping ones cuz I felt like I was going to fall. But even the other ones were tough. But I was still able to do them. trying not to have to fix too much after this baby. Thanks!!

  94. OMG…this is great…I just tried this for the first time and it’s awesome! Thanks for including something other than just lunges and squats! Those Donkey Kicks kicked my @ss! (sorry for the bad pun) But really great job…I could only get through one set today but I can’t wait until I can make it through all three…something that will definitely keep me motivated!

  95. I did this workout 3 times today and I loved it. I was definitely sweating and it took me a while, about an hour. I did not rush through the workouts. I squeezed my glutes and went through the workouts slowly. Thank you for posting these wonderful workouts and I will definitely be continuing this work out at least 3x a week!

  96. This workout is awesome.. I could only do it one time but I will keep trying till I can do 3! Thanks for the mini videos showing what to do.. really helped!

  97. OK, so I found your Brazilian Butt Workout on Pinterest a bit ago. I kept looking at it. Today I finally gave it a go. OMG! Thank you for this! I def feel it in my butt and my quads! YES! I love this. It hurts so good! I timed myself, took me just under 14 min to complete. The alternating split jump as well as the lunge kicks were a KILLER! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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  99. Just did this workout & I mainly feel it in my legs but also felt in my booty! I took a before picture to see progress with the after picture! Thank you for posting this workout!

  100. I did this yesterday and OMG I feel it today! It took me about 25 minutes to do the whole thing. I’d like to see a workout just for the stomach and abs. Those are my two probl areas. Thanks for the awesome workout (:


  101. Cannot wait to do this. My husband is going overseas for about 6 months, and we’re having a “who can get sexier” competition (all in good fun of course…) but since I have no tushy to speak of, this will be an awesome surprise for him when he gets home!

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  103. took me 30 minutes.did really well until i pushed myself really hard in the last kicks and then i thought i was going to vomit lol.thanks 🙂

  104. I love it I really feel the burn this is the first time I have worked out in 5 years and it was great I would like something like this to work on my love handles and to flatten my stomach

  105. Pingback: Workout Ideas: Your Booteh! | Wild Horse Feathers: No Rhyme or Reason

  106. wow I just did this and my muscles all feel great!! I couldn’t go up the stairs after this!! Must mean that it worked! Can’t wait to see the results, thank you soo much!

  107. Very good set of exercises. I feel much more energized all over and ready to take on my day’s work! I’m going to aim to do this routine 3x every other morning (then go for a run for the remaining mornings). Thanks!

  108. I tried it for the first time today. I only did 1 set instead of the 3. I am going to do it on Mon & Fri which are my off days from my UFC Trainer. In just doing 1 set it made me sewat and I could feel all over. Can’t wait to see the results.

  109. I have a wedding coming up in 9 days! And a man to look hot for on the wedding night! I’m going to push myself to do it every day for 7-8 days and see how it is! I’m gonna need a hot Epsom salt bath after this!!! Thank you soo much for sharing this! I’m excited!!! 😛

  110. I did this workout with the addition of weights for many of the exercises. I added weights for lunges, plié squats (20 lbs), donkey kicks, and fire hydrants (10 lbs).. Sometimes I do butt lifts with my legs on a yoga ball. I felt results almost immediately and saw results after 2 weeks. I am 30, 5’5″, 124lbs and exercise regularly.

  111. we did the donkey kicks, fire hydrants, and circling wonky kick in track every day all in one. We just called them doggy styles. we had one more to go with it. when your down on your hands and knees, put one foot out to the side and keeping it straight and toes pointed at all times, lift it straight up so it is parallel to your hip. that one was the hardest for me!! But I was always in the best shape when it was track season!!

  112. Is there a way you could find out how many calories this burns? I really like this workout and I’m seeing results I just want to know for health reasons

  113. Someone up above mentioned they felt it in their quads, not their glutes.. make sure you’re powering up through the heels, bearing your weight back there instead of in your toes. This will also help alleviate stress on the knees 🙂 Great workout!

  114. I just got done doing this, but as of right now my thighs seem to be more sore than my butt. Maybe in the morning it’ll be more of my butt.. the fire hydrant’s were the only things i felt in the muscles in my butt. Gonna try again tomorrow, hopefully it’ll work better for me! i like this exercise though!

  115. Tried the workout yesterday. Amazing! I was sweating and really feeling the burn and I was only able to get through 2 sets. Now its a day and a half later and my butt is so sore!!!! I Love IT!!!!! I can’t wait to do it again!

  116. Omg I literally could not to the lunge kicks at the end! My legs feel weak and sore but hopefully I can work up to finishing strong 🙂

  117. I did this workout for the first time yesterday and darnnnnn is my tushie sore today lol But it’s the good kind of sore. I absolutely love this workout and can’t wait until I start to see results 🙂

  118. absolutely love this work out, so I had to share. I like the style of your blog. I am very new to this, so seeing yours helped because I am kind of on the same track. Keep it up & good luck w/ high school and college dreams! -Penny

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  120. I just got finished with this and my buns are on fire! I could really feel the burn during the roundhouse donkey kicks (or whatever they were called). I can feel that my heart rate is up, and I did break a bit of a sweat. I went through the entire thing three times (it took about 25 minutes), but I think I might just add one set of the entire workout to my usual 3x weekly gym routine or do this on my days off, especially once summer gets closer. Thanks for the great workout!

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  122. Hello¡ (: I just finish doing the workout anf i think its kinfa helping , im barely 12 and i dont like my Flat Booty …. haha (; i really like thisand but got bigger right away

    THANKYOU (: !!

  123. Kicked my butt! I am hoping this really works to tone my butt, and hopefully get rid of the last of my cellulite! Thank you for posting this, it is a great motivator and these work outs are perfect at night when I cant sleep and I can do them quietly in my room. These are awesome!!

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  126. Try doing “bottom to bottom” squats, where you hold at the bottom for a count. Makes it much more difficult/ better results. Also try jumping up onto a platform landing in a squat, and squat pulses (brutal but awesome) where you put yourself in the squat position and pulse up and down about an inch

  127. Just did one set for the first time. I’m sweating and my heart is pumping pretty good. Only took about 15 min. Working my way up to 3 sets gradually so I’m not too sore tomorrow (made that mistake a few weeks ago with a different home workout and could barely walk for several days!)

    Thanks for sharing!

  128. Hey – I just discovered this page thanks to a Facebook friend and plan to incorporate a lot of these moves into a new Butts & Guts class I am adding. I am a Zumba instructor as well 7x a week and my students want more toning and strength. This will be a perfect addition for them!

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  130. I have been doing Pilates for years so I call my self in shape. However there is no way I could do this entire workout 3x through. Whooo weeee killer workout! Hoping to eventually work up to the whole thing.

  131. Great workout! Did just once through… still need to get the moves down correctly. Adding this as part of my routine. Looking forward to my new toned but:)

  132. I just did it and was only able to get through one time around! My heart was beating fast and my legs and butt were burning! Great workout!

  133. Hi 🙂 I am currently in online courses trying to get my degree. Right now I am taking Nutrition Planning and Management. One of the things I had to do was to figure out my BMI. I was sad afterwards. According to it, I am “overweight”. I plan on doing your Brazillian Butt Workout, your Teeny Tiny Tummy workout, and I also plan on completing your Beach Body 8 week challenge. I know its too cold for the beach right now, but I am MOH in my friends wedding in April, so I need to make sure no back fat and unwanted curves (rolls) stick through or out the dress Im wearing. Right now I am 5’4″ and I weigh 151. My goal is to have no muffin top, no love handles, a tighter tummy, a firmer butt and to reach anywhere between 120-130 pounds. I will start my workouts on Sunday December 23rd. I should be completed by March 3rd. (I think) I will keep you updated. I have you under my Favorites list 🙂 Wish me luck.

  134. I just did this but I could only do it all 2x thru, next time I’m gonna do it 3 times. I workout and am thin and this kicked my butt big time!! Thanks 🙂

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  136. Wow!! This workout is AMAZING! 👍
    The animations helped a lot!! I’m looking forward to continuing this and seeing results ;D

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  138. holy sweat! thanks for the great butt kick into the new year! if i keep this up i will be brazilian by swimsuit season 🙂

  139. Definitely been looking for a workout to getting my body back and having it look even better before i got pregnant. Trying this out! Do you have any other work out routines for the rest of the body?

  140. I had a baby at the end of may. Then lost 45 lbs of baby weight in 4 months. Yet my body still looked like a mess. Everything hanging and everything jiggly. I found this workout through Pinterest, and have been doing it on and off for about 3 months. This really toned up my butt, thighs, and legs. My husband just can’t keep his hands off my butt lol It looks better than pre-baby. I recommend this workout to all my girlfriends who ask what I did to get in shape after giving birth.

  141. I had started doing this workout about 7 months ago–did them 2-3 times a week. never did do all 3 times -but managed to do 2..TOTALLY saw a difference–my butt lifted a lot–LOVE IT–have recently fell off the horse but plan on getting back on for my New Years resolution—thanks!!!!!!!!

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  143. I did this Workout like it Said and it left me sooo Hurt :/ for like 4 days… I could barely walk or go up stairs But… It will be soo worth it I am now doing the workout everyday and I feel the Burn after the Workout but not the Burn for days later soo that is a Plus 🙂 Thanx for this Awesome Workout 🙂

  144. I did SOME of the workouts lastnight, especially the hip lifts, and i was told today that my butt looks hugeee 🙂 which was exactly what I wanted. So I’m definitely going to keep this in my daily routine! 🙂

  145. Just did all these…or at least attempted….I don’t have good balance so It was hard for me to do the sliders and the lunge kicks…I never exercised before. Will these get better over time or do i need to do something else to get balanced?

    Thanks for the page btw

  146. Have been working out with Zumba on Kinect husband got me for Christmas. Then I found this on Pinterest. Really looking forward to trying as my evening workout later today! I’m having a boudoir shoot in two weeks, and I’m working hard to make it an awesome gift for my husband for Valentines Day. And I’m trying to get healthier for me!

  147. I honestly could not get through three sets of this. My legs have out. But i can feel it. Awesome. Love it. Thank you. 🙂

  148. The pictures for the circling donkey kick and the frog jumps did not show up with the links provided and I’m not sure what I should be doing for those. Any way you can repost them or describe what to do above those particular exercises? Everything else is fantastic. I can’t wait to try this out!

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  150. Just wanna say a big THANK YOU!! I have always been self-conscious of my ‘buns’ and have been looking for exercises to help with that problem. The first time I did it I felt great. I was more confident with them, and will for sure continue doing these exercises!! Thank you!!!

  151. Just finished this full workout at it kicked my butt (in a good way)!! Will definitely be adding this to my workout routine 2x a week… as long as I can walk tomorrow. haha.

  152. This is amazing I have done it a little different Im starting off little I choose 3 different ones for the first week and picked 3 more for the next and building up to do all 3x a week… These are easy and fun… I push myself more every day and this is the 1 week and I can tell its working… 🙂

  153. I just did this workout, and it kicked my butt physically and figuratively. I definitely felt it in my upper legs and also in my butt. A good workout no matter what it was working, that’s for sure. I’m not going to be doing just this workout. I may do it once every month. I am doing a different online exercise routine 3 times a week. This will be one of them for sure! Thanks for sharing this!

  154. GREAT WORKOUT!! I stumbled upon this butt workout about a month ago. Yesterday, I randomly decided I wanted to do a Butt Exercise. I decided on this one, but I still didn’t know how effective it was, and if it would give me “soreness” the next day. Those doubts were quickly erased the next day. The workout instructions say to do this exercise 3X; however, I only did it 1X,& woke up the next day feeling sore. My butt and thighs hurt when I walk, sit down, or do anything physical. I am a cheerleader, and I had a game tonight. Yeah…….. painful!! I definitely recommend everyone wanting to
    tone their butt and thighs do this workout. Even though I had to push myself to finish it, and do it completely the entire time, I will definitely do it when I become “unsore,” if that’s a work lol

  155. These exercises should definitely work. I go to the gym and we do there something like that during our group trainings. Right nutrition is also vital to make your exercises effective. I refill my energy supply with Military Grade Nutritionals. These supplements contain a bunch of vitamins and other natural compounds, which make them effective and safe. When you are full of energy, you are always ready for whatever exercises!

  156. I just tried this workout for the first time and im very much looking forward to the results of this workout, I really want to have a booty 😛 I really liked this workout!

  157. ohh yeah it made me sweat lol. I wish there was more workout plans like this on out there it explains each move really well . also ensures your doing the moves right and effective! thanks!

  158. Hi – I love this workout! I’m nominating your for a Liebster Award. Mail me to get your 11 questions (

  159. WEW… I did this workout yesterday and my buns are so sore today! Best work out ever! I sweated more than I do at the gym and it took me around one hour to complete the entire workout. Loved it! I have 1 question: do you recommend doing one repetion for each exercise all the way through, then come back for the second and third rounds? Or repeat the first one 3 times, then the second one and so fourth? Yesterday, I repeated 3 times in a row each exercise, but I wonder if there is a difference in results by doing the other way around. Thanks 🙂

  160. I’ve done this once a day combining a few things from the beach girls for about 2 months now. I feel so great and I know it’s showing thanks to my husband for noticing! That’s the best feeling, thank you

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  162. I integrated this to my workout because I thought I didn’t worked my butt enough and I have to say that this is real!! I have never been so sore lol I can’t wait to see results, very happy to have found this 🙂

  163. ok ive attempted this workout…i can make it to the hip thrust…and it kills!!!…im sweating unbelieveable!!….is this workout 3xs a week or three times in a row?? cause seriously i barely make it thru once!!…lol

  164. honestly? i did this workout only twice (2 nights in a row before going to bed) and im starting to see the result.. thanks a lot for the amazing workout!!

  165. man, I work out on a regular basis, but I can only do this once or twice through. It’s amazing! I’ve only done it a few times along with my regular workout and I’m already seeing a difference in my behind!

  166. Hi 🙂
    ann I belive you, because Me and my boyfriend saw the results after 2-3 workout days 🙂 Thank you for this great workout 🙂 I belive that my butt will be like brasilin butt 🙂

  167. I did this yesterday and woh…I can’t even cross my legs today. 🙂 it works the entire booty! I will have to wait a few days to try again though. I’m a little out of shape after having to cancel my gym membership.

  168. Hey, I’m a 15 year old girl who in the past year has lost over 30 pounds. I needed it I was overweight. I feel great,but my doctor says I’m overweight in my stomach and need to gain good weight (Not fat rolls). I also don’t even fit into an A32 cup because of my weight loss. I’m concerned that I’m not going to be able to gain in the stomach and breast ares w/o gaining weight in my butt and thighs. Do you have any suggestions for me?

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  170. This reminds me of the some of the same exercises from Cindy Crawford’s workout that I used to do in high school like almost 20 years ago!

  171. Hi just tried this – love it! Because of my schedule, would you get the same results going through the whole workout once every day as opposed to going through it 3x in a row 3x per week? Between the abs I do and jogging, I don’t think I would have time to do this 3 x in a row. Just once took about 15 minutes.

  172. i’m gonna try this to have a nice booty for prom 😀 i’m excited. will it help results faster to use ankle weights?

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  174. Omg I have been looking for a workout like this for a long time that didn’t cost half my pay check to get. But could you please abs,chest, upper arm this would be great workouts also. I have been doing some that I made up myself but don’t know if I’m doing them correct. But thanks so much for the workout for the buns I love it.

  175. I just had a baby 4 months ago, I’m already 6 pounds under my pre pregnancy weight, but I need to tone my body still! I’ve tried to do exercises to tone my butt before, but never followed through with them. I stumbled upon this recently and it looks GREAT and very detailed! I am going to start doing these exercises. If I see results, I will share your blog post on my blog as well! Thanks for this!

  176. Um, definitely a great work out! I just did this for the first time and know I won’t be long before I’m sore from it. The videos/pics were very helpful and very much appreciated. Although I don’t remember the whole workout after this first time, it seems like it will be easy to remember after a couple more times…which is nice for a change. Love the fact that you can do it anywhere, esp at home, and it doesn’t require anything than body weight really but enjoyed using a dumb bell with some as suggested. I didn’t think about timing myself but it was not very time consuming at all. Thanks so much for sharing…look forward to continuing this one!

    • Also, I saw elsewhere on your site that you posted a leg and arm workout as well, but I can’t find them. Could you tell me where they are posted or add a link here. I just love your butt and abs workouts and would love to do your legs and arms workouts as well. Thanks again!

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  178. wow… thank you so much!…
    less than 2 weeks … amazing results!!
    and please next time for breast area….
    but with animated pictures if that possible!
    cos really i dont got these silent pics 😛
    hehe… thanx agaiiin!

  179. My booty’s burning! Only half way through, the frog jumps really killed me- almost gave up. But didn’t! Love how this is a practical work out targeting the legs. Spring break is next week- i really appreciate this!

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  181. Wow! Really feel it in my thighs and booty!! Third round wasn’t as pretty looking for me though! lol This was my first time… wheew! I felt like it was a great workout though! Thanks!

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  183. Day 1 – got through one set – aiming for a full round of 3 next time…! Boy, did I feel the burn though! Amazing! =)

  184. Ehrm. Hi. I tried this workout and I did the whole routine twice through and the next day I did it again however I didn’t really sweat and my bum and thighs were not hurting me afterward really. It was just a bit of a struggle whilst I was doing the work out but no lasting pain and I was just wondering wether that meens I’m doing it wrong?

    Also what does “cardio 5-6x” meen :s

  185. Made me sweat like CRAZY. I’m a girl who’s skirt size is an L and top is a S. Trying to get fit FAST and STAY fit. I’ve seen instant results. Love this workout. Keep up the great work!!

  186. Wow! Just tried for the first time. Definitely worked up a sweat. I am going to do this workout for 6 weeks (minimum) and I can’t wait to see the results! Thank you for the time you took to create this post!

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  191. I workout 3xs a week. I did this once a week one time through for one of my workouts. It definitely sped up my results (about 3 weeks). I’m about to start adding some ankle weights for the kicks and hydrants. Great workout! Feel it not only in the glutes but also the legs.

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  196. It says to do 3X this exercise. I made it through 1 set and by the next evening I couldn’t walk for a day. I can only imagine what 3X the exercise will do.

  197. It is really helpful the pic you post, and it is to do this workout. I will start to do this workout from today I’m exciting to see the result. If you can post other workout for hipps and muffins as this area is biggest area in my body.

    Thanks for you and waiting for new things .

  198. I added this workout to my routine & I was drench by the end if the routine. Totally felt it in my rear. Thanks for sharing this.

  199. I love how all these workouts are exactly what I need to work my behind out 🙂 but my other concern is my stomach! I need help! Any good tips/work puts?

  200. Did this last night and barely got through the second round. Verry sore today, but super excited to keep this as a regular part of my workout routine!

  201. this was the best thigh/butt workout that i have ever done! im amazed that it works and that i really felt it. thanks 🙂

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  204. I never comment on anything…but I found this on pinterest a while back and just now pulled it up on my board to finally do it. I just wanted to say I absolutly love, love, love this. I have a big butt as it is and like how plump it is once I work out but since I don’t like going to gyms because of all the eyes I will forever use this as my shape keeper. Thank you so much. I saved this page on my phone as a shortcut lol this is amazing!

  205. This workout is AMAIZING! It burns so much when I do it and I can already see improvement! It’s awesome!!😀🌸


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