Ways to Style Floral + Outfits

Floral is making come back!  There are many different ways to were floral such as jeans, shorts, shirts, shoes, swimsuits, skirts and dresses.  In this post, I will show you how to style them all with outfits included for most.  Click read more to see!

1. Floral Jeans

Floral jeans are pretty easy to style.  Just take a color from the jean and make it the solid color of your top(can always be white or black).  I kinda didn’t follow this rule but as you can see there are always exceptions.  Your shoes can be patterned but I prefer solid, these can range from wedges to flip flops.

2. Floral Shorts

Floral shorts are pretty much styled the same way as jean but here I used white and black.  The shoes again are your choice.

3.  Floral Shirts

I style floral shirts by making the bottoms solid but based on whether I’m going to school or walking around in the summer.  The first outfit is a good school/work outfit because it has a dressy shirt, black capri pants and white wedges.  But the second outfit is good for summer hang outs because it has blue short shorts.  The third outfit is for whatever event you wanna go to from school to summer parties.

4. Floral Shoes

Floral shoes are super fun!  Find one color in the shoes you like and wear them as a bottom and then pair it with a patterned  top(or vice versa) and you have an awesome colorful look.

5. Floral Swimsuits

Floral swimsuit can be paired with just about everything and look good because your going on the beach!  I show 2 white coverup and one colorful print one.  Also pair this with a cute beach bag and some flip flops and your good to go.

6. Floral Skirts

For these floral skirts I picked a solid color from the skirt and then chose a shirt that I liked that went along with it.  Shoes can be anything you want.

7. Floral Dresses

Floral dresses are a must have for spring!  I style these all alittle differently.  For the first dress I took a thin belt to cinch the waist and had flats to give it a nice, innocent girly look.  For the second outfit, I used a gray blazer and some silvery flip flops.  The last outfit, I put on a cut white blazer and some white wedges.

Well, there you have it.  Of course there are many more ways to style floral but I just wanted to give the basics.  All the information for the clothes and shoes in the outfit pics can be found here on my polyvore account.

So, what did you guys think of this post?  Do you have any more ways to style floral?  Do you have any items of clothing that you would like me to style?  Leave it in the comments!

5 thoughts on “Ways to Style Floral + Outfits

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  2. So many summer’y outfits and cute options here. But what I did enjoy is the way you’ve pieced and put all those photos together. Love the pick & match combinations you did here! Awesome!

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