Beginners Guide to Makeup: Primer, Foundation, Concealer!

Here is a little series I’ll be doing a posts about all the things I wanted to know when I was starting in makeup.  *Also know that most of these products I have not tried but I have seen good reviews on.*

Primer– Oh the wonderful world of primers.  A primer is basically used to make our face a clean canvas and help our foundation and concealer stay on all day.

Cheap but good primer: Monistat Chafing Gel

Expensive but good primer: Smashbox Photofinish Foundation Primer

Foundation-Well as the name hints it’s the base to all your face makeup.  It perfects skin and gives the appearance of clear skin.  As foundation goes, there are different types for different desired finishes.  The different finishes include:

-dewy: most desired for dry skin, gives a kind of luminous glow to the skin

-matte: most desired for oily/combination skin, gives a shineless look and does not reflect light, so it will not look shiny

-satin: desired for personal preference although I’d warn against it for oily/combo, shimmery rather than flat color

Here are some good ones. I’m going to try and keep them cheap but no promises. 😉 PS-these are all medium/full coverage foundations

Dewy Finish-Neutrogena Healthy Skin

Matte Finish-Revlon Colorstay

Satin Finish-Make Up For Ever HD(more expensive)

Concealer-This is used to cover everything that foundation doesn’t such as blemishes or dark marks.  It is also used to brighten under eye circles or highlight the under eye area as Kim Kardashion does (if you guys want a tutorial on that just ask).

Undereye Concealer-Bobbi Brown Corrector

Blemish/Dark Marks Concealer-Costal Scents Camo Quad

All of these products can be found if you google them.  If you have any questions about anything in this post I will gladly answer them.  Also leave any requests or critism(tell me what you guys think of these post and if you like them) in the comments.

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