Toned Arms Workout

Want toned sexy arms for your nice strapless summer dress?  If you said yes, then this is the workout for you.  Try it and tell me how you like it.

15 pushups

15 tricep dips

15 shoulder presses

10 burpees

1:00 minutes downward dog

10 cobra pushups

For this exercise I actually want you to make it a bit tougher.  For the first part of the exercise I want you to go into a downward dog position almost stretching your shoulders.  Then do the rest as the same in the pictures.

Repeat 3x for an awesome arm workout.

What do you think of this workout?  Did it make you sweat?  How long did it take you?  What body part(s) do you want me to workout next?  Do you like this format or the printable picture format better? Leave it in the comments!

7 thoughts on “Toned Arms Workout

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  3. I want to thank you for posting these! I’m getting married in March and these are the workouts I’m going to use to make myself look gorgeous! I started yesterday with the Itty Bitty Tummy workout, and I can definitely feel it today! Arms today, here we go!

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