How to Study for Finals

Finals.  There coming up for most of us and I know I’m going insane.  But here are some tips on how I’m studying to keep my sanity and yours.  I also have a little picture gallery of funny pictures about finals to get alittle laugh outta you.

  1. Start studying early.  Don’t you dare start studying a few days before because you will kill yourself.  Plus trying to retain that much information in only a few days is crazy.  Try starting about 3-4 weeks before your final.
  2. Create a study schedule.  This way you know what chapter to study on what day.  This will also prevent procrastination if you create an entire schedule built around you finishing that chapter on that day.  If all your finals are around the same time, start studying the harder ones before so you have more time to review(or learn for the first time).
  3. The 45/15 minute rule.  This rule states that you study for 45 minutes and then take a break for 15 minutes.  I’m gonna change this rule to 30/15 because I have the shortest attention span known to man.  But you can take this rule and tailor it to your preferences.
  4. Prepare healthy snacks.  Crap=Weight Gain nuff said
  5. Workout.  It’s been proven that staying active for at least 20 minutes a day will help you study better.
  6. Create a study group.  Find people in your class and study together a couple times before finals.  Here you can see where you stand and maybe make some friends.  Ask each member to bring in a snack for one meeting so you have more incentive to go.
  7. Create a study guide for every unit/chapter.  This is to not only help you retain the information better but will also give you something to look at days/hours before the test in an organized format.
  8. Have all you materials in near you.  That means your computer(with the internet turned off, don’t give me that look you know why), pens, pencils, highlighters, post its, etc so you don’t have a reason to move around and procrastinate.
  9. Find your learning style.  If your kinetic, you may want to create a dance to the material your learning or move around the room alot when studying.  If your visual, you may want to look at diagrams or draw a picture of the material.  If your auditory, you may want to youtube raps or songs on the material.  If you a mix, you may want to combine then such as writing the material down and then reading it aloud to yourself.
  10. DON’T do a crazy amount of studying the night before.  You will most like not retain any of the information and just be exhausted and confused during the test.  Go through your study guides once or twice the night before and once the day of the final.
  11. Get a goodnight’s sleep, have breakfast and don’t stress.  If you’ve followed all these tips and studied hard you are as prepared as your gonna get for this test.
  12. Do the study guides(or any work our teacher/professor gave you to prepare for the test).  They know what’s on the test and are giving it to you to help you, so do it!
  13. Keep all your work organized during the semester/year.  This will really help when finals come around because all your work will be easy for you to find.

Now here’s all the funny pictures I promised you.  And here’s an awesome slideshow.

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