Fashion Staples: Romper

So I had this idea  last week on making a fashion staples series.  Well, we all know the basic ones like the LBD(little black dress) or blazers but what about the smaller ones, like statement belts or loose sweater tops.  Well I might end up doing both but this week I decided to try rompers.

A romper is a mix between a dress and shorts w/ a top that is perfect for summer.  Here I will show you 3 outfits+a bonus using a romper in different ways.

1. The Work Romper

I paired this romper with a lot of brown because this is for work.  But I did throw in a gold belt as opposed to a brown one for a pop of color.  Feel free to add more color if you like.

2. The Beach Romper

I paired this colorful romper with a white swimsuit, wedge flip flops, cropped denim jacket and beach bag.

3. The Funky Romper

I paired this romper with a loose leopard tank top, a gold statement necklace and white wedges.

Bonus Outfit

I paired this cream/white rompers w/ colorful heels with spikes and a gold owl necklace.   I hope this awesome outfit makes up for the plain work outfit 🙂

Well, there you have it.  Of course there are many more ways to style rompers but I just wanted to give you the basics.  All the information for the clothes and shoes in the outfit pics can be found here on my polyvore account.

So, what did you guys think of this post?  Do you have any more ways to style rompers?  Do you have any fashion posts you wanna me to make?  Leave it in the comments!

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