Beach Body Bootcamp

Welcome to the Beach Body Bootcamp Challenge.  This challenge is for anybody of any level and age.  It’s a heath/fitness/weight loss challenge.  This is an 8 week challenge in which our goal is to get a beach ready body.  It starts on June 4rd and ends on July 28th.

Why join this challenge?

You will not only get an awesome body on this challenge but you can also win some awesome prizes.

How does it work?

This challenge is primarily a weight loss challenge.  But each pound is only 10 points which is the same as keeping a food journal and having no sweets for 6 days a week.   This way people who have very little weight to lose or don’t have any to lose can still win by keeping up a healthy lifestyle and doing weekly challenges.  Each good thing you do gets points.

How do you win?

The individual with the most points at the end of the 8-week challenge wins.

How do I get extra points?

Share this challenge or my blog on facebook, twitter and pinetrest.  Each will earn you 5 points extra points.  Also do the weekly challenge which will earn you 5-15 points depending on the challenge.

What do I have to do to join?

  1. Go to this document and input your height, starting weight and goal weight.
  2. Download this form and begin to acquaint yourself with the format and ask any questions you have on my facebook page.
  3. Like my facebook page.  I will announce the winner there and have weekly check ins and challenges to earn more points.
  4. Post a picture of you standing and holding a newspaper with the date visible.  Although you are not required to send me them at the beginning of the challenge.  I will require you to show me a before and after if you win.
  5. (Optional)  Follow my twitter and pinetrest for extra 5 points for each.  Also share this challenge and/or my blog on facebook for an extra 5 points points.

More information for the challenge will be posted throughout the week so keep your eye out on facebook and also follow my blog for large updates.

2 thoughts on “Beach Body Bootcamp

  1. PLEASE tell me you are doing this again this year!! I love it I wish I would have been on pinterest last summer to find it cuz I could really use the encouragement on my diet that I just started to lose my last few pounds.

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