Beginner’s Guide to Makeup: Eyeshadow Primer, Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, Mascara!

Here’s part 2, in my Beginner’s Guide to Makeup Series!  Check out part 1 here.  *Also know that most of these products I have not tried but I have seen good reviews on.*

Eyeshadow Primer- This is defiantly something I didn’t know about when I started makeup.  Eyeshadow primers basically make your eyeshadows stay on all day and not crease.(example)

Cheap but good: Elf Primer(I actually use this one and love it!)

Expensive but good: Urban Decay(on youtube they will gush about how good this product is)

Eyeshadow- I’m sure when most people think of makeup they think of eyeshadow.  Eyeshadow can range from being really easy to incredibly hard. The easiest look I can tell you to do it put a light brown on your lid and alittle bit of black in the crease.  I will make a simple everyday look soon and link it back here.

For all beginners I recommend buying the regular 88 palette so you have alot of colors to play around with and to see what looks good on you.  If your alittle scared of color then I recommend buying the 88 warm palette.  If you want a mixture of both then get the 120 3rd edition palette or just buy both.(These can all be found on

Eyeliner- This is used to line your eyes quite literally.  There are two basic types of eyeliners: liquid and pencil.  Liquid is usually used on the upper lash line and to do cat eyes.  Pencil is usually used to line the waterline and lower lash line.

I only recommend drugstore eyeliners for beginners because I don’t feel the need to buy high end ones when drugstore is awesome.

Mascara-  This is used to elongate the lashes and give then color.  You will mainly use black but you can use brown, purple, or glitter.

Again I only use drugstore.

All of these products can be found if you google them.  If you have any questions about anything in this post I will gladly answer them.  Also leave any requests or critism(tell me what you guys think of these post and if you like them) in the comments.

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