Everyday Sexy Pirate

So, about 2 weeks ago I made an how to be an Everyday Barbie post.  I had a ball making that post and it popped in my head a couple days back about doing a similar everyday sexy pirate that would be fine for school and work.  I just loved the whole theme of female pirates with cinched waists and fierce attitudes.  I hope I did these gorgeous women justice with 1 makeup look and 3 outfits.

Dramatic Pirate Look

This look is very dramatic but can be downplayed in many ways to make it a bit more everyday.

Step 1: Put primer all over your eyes.

Step 2: Take a piece of tape and place it from the corner of your eye to the end of your brows.

Step 3: Place a black cream base (or cream black liner) all over the lids and blend it out with your finger.

Step 4: Placed black shadow over the black base.

Step 5: Take a brown that is close to your skintone and blend it into the crease.

Step 6: Take a deep red color and place it in your crease and slowly bring it up.

Step 7:  Place a shimmer gold color lightly on the center of your lids.

Step 8: Take a blending brush and lightly dust a little to make the gold less intense.

Step 9: Place a skintone white color under your browbone.

Step 10: Take the gold color that you used on the center of the lid and place a little in your inner tearduct.

Step 11: Put on your liquid eyeliner in a slight cat eye and do your mascara.

And viola, your done!

This look can be downplayed by taking out the gold or replacing the red with brown for a more everyday look.

1. The Super Simple Pirate

Pirate Inspired Outfit #1 by thehautebunny featuring club topsClub top, $30Carven, £175Superfine super skinny jeans, £139Qupid platform pumps, $37Adult Female Pirate Vest Pirate Costume Accessories, $17

This first outfit is one of the simplest outfit with pieces that can be found in most of our closets.  This outfit has a loose white shirt paired with a vest, black jeans and some black pumps.

2. The Super Sexy Pirate

Pirate Inspired Outfit #2 by thehautebunny featuring a black shirtMiss Selfridge black shirt, $427 For All Mankind denim skinny jeans, $352Gianmarco Lorenzi thigh high boots, £734Sexy Swashbuckler Adult Costume, $6.99CP2148 Burgundy Sheer Tulip High/Low Skirt and Womens Fashion Clothing…, $34

This second outfit is actually two different outfits.  The first is a gold studded cropped corset with a gold sash(to cover the stomach and should match the studs), jeans and black thigh high boots.  The second outfit is more inspired by the picture with the same gold studded cropped corset but with a burgundy red high low skirt and thigh high boots.

3. The Super Work Appropriate Pirate

Pirate Inspired Outfit #3 by thehautebunny featuring a tailored vestStriped top, 18 CADDAY Birger et Mikkelsen beaded vest, £65Neon Hart tailored vest, $35Miss Selfridge distressed ripped jeans, $68Knee high boots, $45Newegg.com - Super Deluxe Pirate Girl Costume - Pirate Costumes, $54

This last outfit was only inspired by the stripes in the inspiration picture.  This outfit has a horizontal black and white tank top(can be long sleeved instead) paired with a black vest, blue ripped jeans and some brown strappy boots.

This post was so fun to do and hope you guys like it.  All the information for the clothes and shoes in the outfit pics can be found here on my polyvore account.

I really love doing these ‘everyday’ posts and was wondering if you guys would like them?  I would love to do more but was kinda wondering what you guys think.

So, what did you guys think of this post?  Do you have any other pirate inspired looks?  Leave it in the comments! 

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