Swimsuits for your Body Shape

In honor of the first day of June, I decided to make a post dedicated to swimsuits for your body shape.

How to Determine your Body Shape

  • Shoulders, waist and hips are about the same width = Rectangle
  • Waist is wider than hips and shoulders = Apple (sometimes referred to as an Oval)
  • Shoulders are narrower than hips (or measurements get larger from top to bottom) = Pear (also referred to as Triangle)
  • Shoulders and waist are about the same width but waist is smaller =Hourglass
  • Shoulders are wider than hips = Inverted (or Upside down) Triangle (not pictured)



Swimsuits for Rectangle by thehautebunny featuring 2 piece bathing suits2 piece bathing suit, $230Victoria s Secret bikini swimwear, $48Side-tie Cutout One-Piece at Alloy, $35

If you have the rectangle shape, you wanna try to create the illusion of a waist.  The monokini is a great because it has cut outs at the waist and naturally creates curves.  Patterns and ring holes in the bottoms also help.


Swimsuits for a Bit of Tummy by thehautebunny featuring a retro swimwearBandeau One Piece 4230-07, $255Swimdress 301, $150Retro swimwear, $90

If you have a bit of a tummy horizontal striped and ruffles at the midsection will make it virtually invisible.  Getting a loose tankini will make your waist appear smaller while disguising your stomach.


Swimsuits for Small on Top by thehautebunny featuring a lace bikiniVictoria s Secret lace bikini, $24: Target, $15Women’s Mix Match Bikini Bottoms, $13Women’s Mix Match Bandeau Tops, $10

Swimsuits for a Big Butt by thehautebunny featuring coco rave swimwearCoco rave swimwear, $33Women’s Mix Match Halter TopsWomen’s Mix Match String Bikini Bottoms, $10

There are two aspects to the pear shape swimsuits.  For most pears, there bust is very small.  Bandeaus and ruffles will add volume to the bust.  Pears are also tend to have big hips and thigh.  String and bikini bottoms are perfect for lengthing legs and making the hips appear smaller.


Swimsuits for Hourglass by thehautebunny featuring freya swimwearFreya swimwear, $68American Eagle Outfitters retro halter bikini, $20dELiAs > Floral Tankini > apparel > swim > tankinis, $25

The hourglass is basically the shape that we are all trying to create.  For hourglasses they can do just about whatever they want.  But to make your small waist a little bit more pronounced try using patterns and designs on the top and bottom.

Inverted Triangle 

Swimsuits for Large Bust by thehautebunny featuring a ruched one piece bathing suitMiraclesuit ruched one piece bathing suit, $150Tab Side Bottom 402, $58Swim Systems Bra Sized Shirred Underwire D and DD Cup Tankini Style…

Swimsuits for Inverted Triangle by thehautebunny featuring a bow bathing suitAmerican Eagle Outfitters bow bathing suit, $20Women’s Mix & Match Tankini Tops | Old Navy, $10Women’s Mix & Match String Bikini Bottoms | Old Navy, $10Women’s Mix & Match String Bikini Bottoms | Old Navy, $10

For inverted triangles there are also two aspects.  For your bigger bust, use underwire and supportive tops to make sure your not falling out everywhere.  To make your body a bit more proportionate, have a lot of patterns on the bottom and very little on top.

Swimsuits: Monokini

Monokinis by thehautebunny featuring a cut out bikiniASOS cut out bikini, $52One piece bathing suit, $42

The monokini is good for about everyone as it create curves and gives the illusion of a tiny waist.  I recommend that everyone at least give it a try.

I kind of made this post on a whim.  There are many posts on swimsuits for your body shape but this is just my take on it.  All the information for the clothes and shoes in the outfit pics can be found here on my polyvore account.  Hope you guys enjoyed!

So, what did you guys think of this post?  Do you have any more ways to swimsuit ideas?  Do you have any items of clothing that you would like me to style?  Leave it in the comments!

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