Beginner’s Guide to Makeup: Blush, Lip Liner, Lipstick, Lipgloss, Brushes!

This the third and last installment of my beginner’s guide to makeup series.  You can check out part 1 here and part 2 here.  In this part, we will be talking about blush, lipstick, lipgloss and must have brushes.  *Also know that most of these products I have not tried but I have seen good reviews on.*

Blush- This is used to give your cheeks a pop of color and can really make or break a look, *cough clownface cough*.  Make sure you use a light hand when applying blush to avoid this mishap.

Good blushes are based on your skintone, undertone and preference.  I say experiment with drugstore blush until you find something that works for you and then maybe get a high end one with a similar shade.

Lip Liner- This is placed on the lips before lipstick and will help the color stay on longer and sometimes mold the lipstick color to work with your skin tone.

Lip liners are again preference and choice of lipstick.  I’d start with drugstore and then go to high end.

Lipstick- This is used to give color to your lips.

Lipsticks are yet again preference and I’d start with drugstore.

Brushes- These are really big when applying makeup.  Good brushes=good makeup.  I’m going to show you cheap, good brushes that are sort of essential in building your skills with makeup.  I say sort of because I started off with the bare essentials concealer brush that was in one of my moms kits.  Which outlines the point that you just have to have a passion for something to become good at it.

Shader Brush

This is the elf $1 shader brush.  This brush applies colors to the lids.

Crease Brush

This is the target $3 crease brush.  This brush is used to blend eyeshadows in the crease.

These are my 2 essential brushes.  Of course as you begin to expand your makeup knowledge you will need more but for now just use these.  More brushes will confuse you and make it more difficult to learn.   As you learn more, you will start to see what brushes you need and begin to buy more.

This is the end of my beginner’s guide to makeup series so I feel the need to kind of close it off.  I wanna start off by saying this is a pretty good, basic guide to starting in makeup.  These are exactly the things I was wondering about when I started to learn.  But honestly, all you need a is a love for makeup and you will get better.  You will learn more and understand all these little terms that are used in makeup.  Everybody has to start off somewhere.  I also wanna tell you that practice does make perfect.  Practicing the same look over and over again will improve it.  Don’t get discouraged if you try a look and it doesn’t look like the picture.  Just try it again and again and eventually, you will get there.

One of the best resources for learning makeup is youtube.  I watched tutorial after tutorial when I started and it really helped me improve.

What did you guys think of this series?  Did you read them all?  Did you learn something?  Tell me another series you may want me to do, be as creative as you like.  Leave it in the comments!

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