Down with the Trumpets Squat Challenge

This is my first music workout challenge.  This is a squat challenge so your booty will be burning after.  I’ve done it a couple of times and it kills.  The beats in the song change often and when they do we switch the type of squat.

0:29 – We start with regular squats on the beat.

1:02 – We start doing power squats.  These are killer towards the end of the workout.  Here is an example of them but I want you to do them faster and harder to the beat.

1:12 – Swing your hips when they say “let get down with the down with the”  and when they say “what” do a regular squat.

1:19 – Go back to regular squats to the beat

1:36 – Start doing your squats faster

1: 52 – Back to power squats.  Go hard!

2:00 – Do the same as you did at 1:12

2:09 – Go back to regular squats but slower on beat

2: 18 – Do regular pased squats on beat

2: 43 – Power squats!!!

2:51 – Same as 1:12 and 2:00

3:00 – Dance around and have fun till the end of the song

Hoped you liked this new kind of workout.  If you have any questions about it feel free to ask.

Did you like this type of workout?  Did it burn your butt as much as mine?  What other songs do you want me to do?  What other body parts do you want me to do?  Leave it in the comments!!!

2 thoughts on “Down with the Trumpets Squat Challenge

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  2. You should make a video of this workout. It is difficult to follow along with the writing…especially because it goes to the second. It would be much easier to do it along with you.

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