Fashion Staples: Denim Jacket

Denim Jacket Collage by thehautebunny featuring a jean jacketQuiksilver jean jacket, $52Jean jacket, £35Jean jacket, £30Crafted jean jacket, £20Rag bone jean jacket, $265Dorothy Perkins jean jacket, $59Denim jacket, $76

I consider denim jackets a staple because they can be paired with so many outfit.  It can also take bandage dresses and make them everyday wearable.

1. Skirts

Denim Jacket #1 by thehautebunny featuring long maxi skirtsBlouse, $48Wet Seal sheer tank, $20Cropped jacket, $76Cheap Monday long maxi skirt, €105crochet bustier, $27Lace skirt, £12Black bandage skirt, £8.99

Loose shirts are the best because you can tuck them and it will help cinch your waist.

2. Colored Jeans and Shorts

Denim Jacket #2 by thehautebunny featuring a lace shirtLace shirt, $17Cropped denim jacket, $76Current/Elliott cuffed jeans, €185Hudson Jeans hudson skinny jeans, £91Denim jean shorts, $12chain print cowl tank $21.30 in CORALJADE JADECORAL - Baroque Inspired…, $21crop graphic american flag tee $20.20 in GREY IVORY - American Dream |…, $20

Mos people find colored jeans and shorts hard to style but with a denim jacket and a regular shirt you have got an outfit.

3. Dresses

Denim Jacket #3 by thehautebunny featuring sweetheart neckline dressesWet Seal sweetheart neckline dress, $35Wet seal dress, $30Forever 21 scoop neck dress, $20Denim jacket, $76

Fancy and tight dresses can be paired with denim jackets to dress them down and make then okay to wear everyday.

This was a really quick run down on how to style denim jackets so if you have any questions of want more ways to wear it just ask.  All the information for the clothes in the outfit pics can be found here on my polyvore account.

So, what did you guys think of this post?  Do you have any more ways to style denim jackets?  Do you have any fashion posts you want me to make?  Leave it in the comments!

I have also been making the descriptions of the outfits less detailed and I was wondering if you guys like this way better or want me to explain it more.

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