What I Plan on Buying this Weekend

I’m going a shopping trip with my friend on Sunday and thought I’d make a plan of attack on what to buy and how much it will cost.

This set is about $47 can be found here.  This one is also a maybe and interchangeable with the next suit.

This set is $48 and can be found here.

These are $15 and can be found here or a pair of high waisted shorts.   Can’t find any at any of the online stores of the places at my mall but will look on Sunday.


I also plan on buying a few dresses and rompers from wetseal which will hopefully come out to about $60.


At either sephora or mac I plan on buying a small nude palette with a color my skintone, a color alittle darker than my skintone, and a black for less than $40.  This will be for vacation.


This totals at about $168 but I plan on spending about $150 so I will just cut spending at that number.

5 thoughts on “What I Plan on Buying this Weekend

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