Summer Beauty 101

The summer is upon us and the heat is making us sweat.  We cringe at the thought of our makeup melting off in the heat.  Well I have a few beauty tips and tricks I’ve learned that are sure to make this summer a great one.

1. Sun Screen

Sunscreeen by thehautebunny featuring a Neutrogena sun careAveeno sun care, $8.24Sun care, $12Sun care, $10Neutrogena sun care, $7.99

Aveeno sun care, $8.24
Sun care, $12
Sun care, $10
Neutrogena sun care, $7.99

Now this tip is a given.  Skin cancer is no joke and walking around in the sun with no sunscreen is a sure way to increase your chances of getting it.  Using a sunscreen created by a makeup company for your face will help prevent the smell and thickness on your skin.  Placing it under your makeup is your best bet for preventing burning.

2. Tinted Moisturizers/BB Cream

Tinted Moisturizer/BB Cream by thehautebunny featuring laura mercier tinted moisturizerNARS Cosmetics tinted moisturizer, $42Smashbox makeup, $39Laura mercier tinted moisturizer, £33

NARS Cosmetics tinted moisturizer
, $42
Smashbox makeup, $39
Laura mercier tinted moisturizer, £33

Foundation is thick and heavy and will melt off in the hot sun.  Instead opt for a tinted moisturizer or BB Cream.  Tinted moisturizers are light and airy and perfect for the heat.   BB Cream is also a great product that has many uses such as a moisturizer, primer, foundation, and sometimes a sunblock.  Although both do not provide as much coverage as a foundation putting on concealer blemishes and dark circles and dusting a translucent powder over your face will give the look of perfect skin without the fear of it sweating off.

3. Tinted Lip Balm with SPF

Tinted Lip Balm w/ SPF by thehautebunny featuring a lip careLancôme lip care, $22Lip care, $20Carmex lip care, $7.46

Lancôme lip care, $22
Lip care, $20
Carmex lip care, $7.46

Tinted lip balms are a good alternative for lip stick and lip gloss because it is moisturizing, preventing chapped lips.  Also try to find one with spf to protect your lips from the sun.

4. Highlighter and Bronzer

Highlighter/Bronzer by thehautebunny featuring highlighter makeupLancôme cheek bronzer, $46LORAC cheek bronzer, $32Collistar bronzing powder, £30NARS Cosmetics blush, £21Benefit Cosmetics cheek bronzer, £19Highlighter makeup, $18Stila Stila Sun Highlighter, $26

Lancôme cheek bronzer, $46
LORAC cheek bronzer, $32
Collistar bronzing powder, £30
NARS Cosmetics blush, £21
Benefit Cosmetics cheek bronzer, £19
Highlighter makeup, $18
Stila Stila Sun Highlighter, $26

In the summer we all want that tanned glowing look.  Highlighter is great for creating this glowing look.  Place highlighter on tops of your cheekbones, down the bride of you nose and anywhere the sun naturally hits your face.  Bronzer is great for creating the tanned look.  Dust some bronzer under your cheekbones, around your temples and along your jawline.

5. Waterproof Mascara

Waterproof Mascara by thehautebunny featuring a waterproof mascaraStila waterproof mascara, $22Lancôme waterproof mascara, £21Rimmel London waterproof mascara, $11

Stila waterproof mascara, $22
Lancôme waterproof mascara, £21
Rimmel London waterproof mascara, $11

Water is not your friend when your wearing regular mascara.  Try using waterproof mascara to prevent racoon eyes when being pushed into the pool.

6. Primer

Primer by thehautebunny featuring buxom makeupMac cosmetic, $30Buxom makeup, $20

Mac cosmetic, $30
Buxom makeup, $20

Creasing eyeshadow is not a hot look.  Use a primer on your eyes and face to prevent creasing and moving makeup.

7. Cheek Stain

Cheek Tint by thehautebunny featuring lip makeupTarte blush, $30Benefit Cosmetics lip makeup, £25Stila makeup, £16

Tarte blush
, $30
Benefit Cosmetics lip makeup, £25
Stila makeup, £16

Cheek stain is a great alternative to regular blush.  The stain will stay on the skin longer than regular blush and comes in many colors and styles.

8. Bronzy Smokey Eye

Instead of doing a regular dark smokey eye, try using a lot of golds, browns and bronzy colors to create the perfect look.  I will have a tutorial on this look up soon but for now check out this one.  You can tone this look down to make it more everday.

9. Blotting Papers

Blotting Paper by thehautebunny featuring matte makeupMatte makeup, $6.49Paul Joe matte makeup, $5.80Nyx Blemish Control Blotting Paper 100 Ct Tea Tree (Quantity Of 5), $33

Matte makeup, $6.49
Paul Joe matte makeup, $5.80
Nyx Blemish Control Blotting Paper 100 Ct Tea Tree (Quantity Of 5), $33

Oil is directly equated with summer but powder is not always the answer.  Try using blotting papers instead to take away the shiny look without taking your makeup off.

10.  Hats

Hats by thehautebunny featuring a brimmed hatBrimmed hat, $41New Era logo hat, $35Wet Seal brimmed hat, $13

Hats are perfect for not only pulling an outfit together but also protecting the face from the harsh UV rays.  Pick up a cheap one from any store and rock it this summer.

3 thoughts on “Summer Beauty 101

  1. Try DiorShow Waterproof Mascara, it is amazing and not just because I am their makeup artist, I used them WAY before I ever worked for them. You can build up with NO clumping, and if you want really dark try blackout! I love lancome bronzer, I also like clinique and estee lauder bb cream, dior not so much. Also check out Lip Glow, it is a cult favorite! I am loving this blog!

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