How I Make Workout Plans

(Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.)

This is personally how I make my workout plans.  I include things I need and things that I want to target.

Things I Need

5-6x a week: 30 min Cardio

3-4x a week: Strength Training

These are the basics thing I put in my workout plan.  When I’m in school I do 30 min of cardio 5x a week with strength training 3x a week.

Monday: 30 min Cardio + Strength Training

Tuesday: 30 min Cardio

Wednesday: 30 min Cardio + Strength Training

Thursday: 30 min Cardio

Friday: 30 min Cardio + Strength Training

Saturday: Active Rest

Sunday: Active Rest

If I have more time to workout and don’t really have anything to focus on I use this.

Monday: 60 min Cardio + Arm Workout

Tuesday: 60 min Cardio + Back Workout

Wednesday: 60 min Cardio + Abs Workout

Thursday: 60 min Cardio + Butt Workout

Friday: 60 min Cardio + Leg Workout

Saturday: 60 min Cardio + Full Body Workout

Sunday: Active Rest

When I know what I want to focus on I add more focused strength training and cardio.

Monday: 60 min Cardio + Specific Body Part

Tuesday: 60 min Cardio

Wednesday: 60 min Cardio + Specific Body Part

Thursday: 60 min Cardio

Friday: 60 min Cardio + Specific Body Part

Saturday: 60 min Cardio

Sunday: Active Rest

This is just how I do it and for anybody wondering.  There are many different variations I did not cover but google is your friends if your still wondering.

So, what is your workout plan?  How often do you workout? What cardio do you do?  What is your strength training routine?  Leave it in the comments!!!

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