Summer Haul

This is all I bought laid out with the bags behind them.  Sorry for the random shoe in the background, worked out this morning.  Click read more for individual pics and explanations.

1. Sephora


From Sephora, I bought a 4 color eyeshadow palette w/ a black liner.  It cost a little more than $20.

2. Love Culture

This is an orange maxi dress I bought at Love Culture.  It is so adorable and includes a belt that is not shown here.  I go it in a large even though I’m a medium because they only had a large or a small 😦  I’m just afraid the belt won’t fit when I lose weight and I’ll have to make new holes or get a new one.

3. Delia’s

At Delia’s I got the flower shorts for $10 and I got the denim shorts for $29.50.

4. Victoria Secret’s

At Victoria Secret’s I bought one bra(so padded!) from the Gorgeous collection about $30 and 5 panties for $26 and love them all.

5. Wet Seal

At Wet Seal I bought this bikini for less then $25 .  The sides of the bottom and the back of the top have this sliced theme.

6. Forever 21

I bought these yoga shorts from Forever 21 for only $4.80!  Was so excited about this deal.

7. Bath and Body Works

Lost the picture of these.  So mad!  But I got a body mist and lotion in the scent black amethyst which smells amazing and I totally recommend buying it.

Any questions on anything I bought, just ask!

7 thoughts on “Summer Haul

  1. Love all the stuff . the shorts are adorable! The stars one looks bigger than the other one though. So funny with all the american stores, I thought for sure you were from Norway since you had Fotballfrue in your header 🙂

  2. I would love to see the maxi on you! The color is very pretty. You can get the belt tailor for a couple of bucks! I do it if the belt is good quality and cute enough 🙂 .

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