Everyday Look by Sephora Matte Madness


I bought the Sephora Collection Colorful Palette in Matte Maddness.  I needed a palette for vacation and this one was perfect.  The first color is a pink white, the second is a apricot brown, the third is a dark brown, the fourth is a taupe color and the fifth is the eyeliner.   I used all the colors except the taupe.  If you guys want a tutorial using the taupe, just ask!

Step 1: Place primer all over your lids.

Step 2: Put the apricot brown color all over your lids.

Step 3: Place the dark brown color in the crease and slowly build up the color.  It will make it look like you used more colors and make it look more sophisticated.

Step 4: Use the pink white color as your inner corner and browbone highlight.

Step 5: Use the included liner using an eyeliner brush.

Step 6: Put on some mascara.

And viola, you’re done.

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