Picture Inspired Makeup Look

I saw this picture today and fell in love.  I tried to recreate it as best as I could and I think it came out pretty well.  Here’s my finished look:

I know it doesn’t look the same it was my best shot.  It’s more purple but swhat can you do.  Yes, I did blur out my eyebrows but trust me, you did not wanna see that mess.  Here’s how you do my take on this look:

Step 1: Place a primer all over your lids.

Step 1.5: Place a piece of take on the outer corner of the eye to the eyebrow for a sharp line.

Step 2: Take a white eyeshadow base and apply it all over lids.

Step 3: Place a skintone brown in your crease and blend it in.

Step 4: Place a gold eyeshadow or pigment all over the lids.

Here comes the tricky part, as this tutorial goes on, it’s kinda preference because you can either go intenser or more toned down.

Step 5: Take a mid tone purple and blend it into the crease with the gold.

Step 6: Take a dark purple and plum color and blend it above the crease.

Step 7: Place a black mixed with a the plum red into the outer v and build and blend it out.

Step 8: Take the mixture of dark purple and plum red and place it over the black and red and blend it up.

Step 9: Re-intentify the gold and blend into all of the other colors.

Step 10: Tinker with anything in the look you want.

Step 11: Place a white eyeshadow in the inner corner and on the brownbone.

Step 12: Place a liquid eyeliner on the top lid.(Mines running out so I didn’t)

Step 13: Place a black eyeliner in the waterline and smudge it under the lashes.  Place a black eyeshadow over it to blend it out more.

Step 14: Put on a lot of mascara or fake lashes.

And voila!  You are finally done.

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