Beach Body Bootcamp: 8th Weigh In+ August Goals

Accomplished July Goals!1. To make July a month of diet focus unlike how I’m always focused more on exercise. Majority of July was really healthy ha so check! 2. Spend more time with friends now that I’ll be out of school and have more time. I was actually really good about this! 4th July, Photo shoot with Steph, Karissa had her baby, and photo shoot with Megan!3. Master a new yoga pose! Any ideas which it should be :)?! New poses I learned I can do one and two AND THREE!4. Do a slim down the week before my photoshoot (so excited!) Check followed THIS5. Start cleaning the floors more often in the house. I lack in that section. Non-Accomplished July Goals…I did goooodd :) New Goals! 1. Do yoga every day (or at least 5x/week)! This is going to be tricky but I believe I can try to do it.2. Get my bank account back up to my comfortable point while being able to put money in savings.3. Brush my teeth every morning and night. I’m horrible about this. 4. No more skipping my long runs! Tough mudder here I come.

8th week!

Now for the weigh in:

Start Weight(6/3/12): 172.8 lbs

Last Weeks Weight(7/22/12): 168.4 lbs

Today’s Weight: 164.5 lbs

Weight Lost: 3.9 lbs

Total Weight Lost:  8.1 lbs

Measurements(after slash is new):

Bust- 38 in across and 33.5 in under/?

Waist- 30.5 ins/30 ins(maybe 29.5!)

Hips- 42 ins/41.5 in

Total Inches Lost: 1 in

August Goals

(Not revisiting July goals because they were unrealistic)


Keep eating 1200 calories a day(I’ve been really good this past week)

Incorporate more fruits and veggies into my diet

Keep eating about 70% healthy on vacation


Continue to workout 5-6 days a week

Put more structure in my workouts(I’ve been doing random exercises because I can’t go to the gym)

Workout at least 5 days on vacation(this includes rock climbing and snorkeling)

Stretch daily(gymnastics starts in less than 3 weeks!)

Start doing gymnastics conditioning 4 times a week


Finish all summer reading this month(I mean it!)

Get all supplies for school and figure out binder situation

Figure out outfits for first few days of school

Weight Loss:

Lose at least 8 lbs this month(I wanna be 155 lbs when school starts)


Transition to waking up at 6:00 every morning

Transition to going to bed at 9:30 – 10 pm every night


4 thoughts on “Beach Body Bootcamp: 8th Weigh In+ August Goals

  1. hey girl! just stumbled on your blog via Pinterest. keep up the good work and motivation!!! great website!

    a great tool I use when working out is the Nike Training Club App for iphone. it plugs right into the music you have already downloaded and features workouts from former olympians like Shawn Johnson. and it’s free!

  2. I think what you are doing is great. You have inspired me to challenge myself to get into better shape. I love that you are doing it openly and I plan on putting my challenge on my blog. I think that I will hold myself more accountable if I think people might be following. Keep up the great work and I’ll be following your progress. Good luck! 🙂

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