Beach Body Bootcamp: 9th Weigh In

9th week!

Now for the weigh in:

Start Weight(6/3/12): 172.8 lbs

Last Weeks Weight(7/29/12): 164.5 lbs

Today’s Weight: 161.1 lbs

Weight Lost: 3.4 lbs

Total Weight Lost:  11.7 lbs

Measurements(after slash is new):

Bust- 38 in across and 33.5 in under/37 in across and 31.5

Waist- 30 ins/29.5 in

Hips- 42 ins/41 in

Total Inches Lost: 4.5 in

So I’ve officially hit the 10 lbs lost mark.  I am like ridiculously excited and was greeted by this message on myfitnesspal today when I logged in my weight:

It just made me realize how far I’ve come.  I’ve had my ups and my down and I finally feel as though I’ve accomplished something.  Next week is the last week and I’m gonna end strong and reward myself with an awesome vacation.

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