Off to Vacation Series: Packing Tips

I absolutely hate packing.  Like it is almost always a terrible experience for me.  But I’ve gathered some tips and tricks on how to make it a less painful and more efficient task.

  1.  Make a list.  Put your pjs, day wear, evening wear, etc on the list and as you get it, cross it off the list.
  2. Know how long you vacation is.  If your only gonna be gone for a weekend then you don’t need to pack for a week.
  3. Know what your doing each day.  This might be the OCD inside of me but I want every outfit to match what I plan on doing that day.
  4. You can never have to many bras and panties.  Always pack 2x the amount you need.  Accidents always happen.
  5. Figure out if the place your going has laundry.  If it does then you can wash dirty clothes and rewear them.

I planned on making a “how I pack/what I’m packing” post but mom put it all in the suitcase before I could take pictures(another reason I hate packing).  If you have anymore tips, leave them in the comments!

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