September Goals + Revisited August Goals

August Goals(Revisited)


Keep eating 1200 calories a day(I’ve been really good this past week)


Incorporate more fruits and veggies into my diet(Not really, but on vacation I always had a fruit or veggie with every meal)

Keep eating about 70% healthy on vacation(Not really but didn’t gain any weight so there’s that)


Continue to workout 5-6 days a week(Nope, after vacay just lost motivation)

Put more structure in my workouts(I’ve been doing random exercises because I can’t go to the gym)(Nope)

Workout at least 5 days on vacation(this includes rock climbing and snorkeling)


Stretch daily(gymnastics starts in less than 3 weeks!)(Nope, not even alittle)

Start doing gymnastics conditioning 4 times a week(Nope, not even alittle)


Finish all summer reading this month(I mean it!)(Nope, but going to friend’s house today to hopefully get some of it done)

Get all supplies for school and figure out binder situation(Nope, prob do it next week)

Figure out outfits for first few days of school

Weight Loss:

Lose at least 8 lbs this month(I wanna be 155 lbs when school starts)



Transition to waking up at 6:00 every morning(Nope)

Transition to going to bed at 9:30 – 10 pm every night(Nope)

So, August goals weren’t too successful, but I did lose over 8 lbs.

September Goals


  • Keep eating 1200 calories a day
  • Don’t eat the school cafeteria(only once this month for a cheat meal)
  • Incorporate more fruits and veggies into my diet
  • 2L of water daily


  • Workout 3-6x a week
  • Do yoga 3x a week in the morning


  • Average an A- or above on all classes at the end this month

Weight Loss:

  • Get down to 145 lbs so I get my goal weight reward of $100 shopping spree(but get down to at least 148 lbs)


  • Don’t let other girls at school lower my self esteem
  • Have an awesome birthday!
  • Save all lunch money my dad gives me which will total $60 at the end of the month
  • Make 3 new friends(need to learn to branch out more)
  • Go to bed at 9:30-10 every night
  • Go out more(I like to stay cooped in my room)
  • “Fun” computer time is only 1 hr on weekdays
  • Figure out Halloween challenge that we can all do to get in shape for the Halloween costumes(I’m thinking about being Catwoman!)
  • Bonus!: Read the first Harry Potter book

I think the hardest goal is losing about 10 lbs in a month.  But I will work hard and eat right and just hope.

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