Halloween Weight Loss/Fitness Challenge

Welcome to the Halloween Weight Loss/Fitness Challenge!  Click read more to learn how to join and what we’ll be doing in this challenge.

To start off, this challenge is both a weight loss and fitness challenge.  For the weight loss part, your goal is going to be to lose 4% of your body weight.  For most people this will be around 5-10 lbs in about 4 weeks.  If we work really hard I know that we can do it.   I also recommend you take measurements and pictures so you can really track your progress.

The fitness part is going to be the hardest in my opinion.  I know that I have no time this month between school and gymnastics so I can’t be working out for an hour and a half 6x a week.  The plan for this challenge is to workout 3x a week for 20-35 min.  But we won’t be doing easy exercises.  We will be doing HIIT(High Intensity Interval Training)  for at least at least 20 min a day.  Just google it for alot of awesome workouts.  But if you can’t ind any I’ll post on the facebook page what workout I’ll be doing the day before so we can do it together.

We will all try and eat as healthy as possible because abs are made in the gym, but revealed in the kitchen.  If you guys want to try something new, try clean eating.  Here’s a great link and website to help you get started with it.  I may try to do that a couple times a week for something new.


This challenge is also going to have a very social aspect to it.  We will have a facebook page which we should all like, that way we can post about our days and if you have any struggles, then you can get support.  There will also be weekly challenges that will be posted there.  Here is the link to the facebook page so go and like it!

There will be a powerpoint where we can all input our stats.  I have already input mine as an example.  Please only type in the first three columns and input your name, height and starting weight. Your challenge goal will come up automatically and show you your goal weight for the end of the challenge.  Then on 9/30 input your weight in that column and only that column.(PS. Anyone who doesn’t input their stats for 2 weeks will deleted from the powerpoint.)  I will be organizing it so all the calculations will be done automatically. Please do not change anything in the powerpoint.  I have worked hard on getting everything where I want it.  Here is the link to the powerpoint.


I am so excited to start this challenge.  Registration for the challenge will end on 9/29 so start imputing your information now!

15 thoughts on “Halloween Weight Loss/Fitness Challenge

  1. Hi, so I am new to your whole website and everything, if I want to partake in this, how does it work? What do I need to do?
    Thanks! 🙂

  2. Some days I will be away at a, um, friend’s place and would not be able to do the predefined workouts… is it okay if on those days I just take part in a sex marathon. I mean, I will be either way… but that would be an okay alternative, right? Like, when I say all day… I mean ALL DAY.

  3. I just missed registration too! I will still try and follow from the facebook page. I have found a lot of good information in your blog. I really need the motivation at this point!

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