October Goals + Revisited September Goals

September Goals(Revisited)


  • Keep eating 1200 calories a day
  • Don’t eat the school cafeteria(only once this month for a cheat meal)
  • Incorporate more fruits and veggies into my diet
  • 2L of water daily


  • Workout 3-6x a week
  • Do yoga 3x a week in the morning(Nope)


  • Average an A- or above on all classes at the end this month(Nope)

Weight Loss:

  • Get down to 145 lbs so I get my goal weight reward of $100 shopping spree(but get down to at least 148 lbs)


  • Don’t let other girls at school lower my self esteem
  • Have an awesome birthday!
  • Save all lunch money my dad gives me which will total $60 at the end of the month
  • Make 3 new friends(need to learn to branch out more)
  • Go to bed at 9:30-10 every night(Nope)
  • Go out more(I like to stay cooped in my room)
  • “Fun” computer time is only 1 hr on weekdays(Nope, but procrastination getting better)
  • Figure out Halloween challenge that we can all do to get in shape for the Halloween costumes(I’m thinking about being Catwoman!)
  • Bonus!: Read the first Harry Potter book(Nope)

I did 12/16!!  So much better than my August goals.  Now for my October goals.

October Goals


1200 calories a day

Eat at the cafeteria once this month(or twice because I didn’t in September)

Try and eat clean 2-3 days a week

Extra fruit and veggie snack

Incorporate whey protein into my diet 3x a week

Try and branch out lunches(I always eat the same things)

No candy until October 31st!


HIIT Workout 3x a week(12 workouts in total)

50 Squats a day

Weight Loss:

Get down to 140 lbs


Get a A- or higher in all class at the end of the month


Start using planner

3 posts on my blog, I’ve been slacking

Figure out workout plan for when gymnastics ends

4 thoughts on “October Goals + Revisited September Goals

  1. I really like your blogs 🙂 It’s more relatable, unlike a lot of other fitness/health blogs where I feel like the person on the other side is super human and flawless. Not saying that you’re the opposite of that, I swear, just that it’s a lot nicer to read all your posts and stuff and not be all “O.O oh gosh.” ^_^ Thanks for posting all of this!

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