I’ve Changed

For the past few months I’ve haven’t been posting on this blog and I need to tell you guys why and how I plan on changing that.

When I started this blog, I was very overweight and couldn’t fit into any of my clothes.  I also had no self confidence so I refused to wear makeup out of the house.  So I used this blog as an outlet.  I would post all the makeup and fashion looks that I wished I could wear and would spend all my time on this blog.  I refused to go out and would only spend time making posts.  I eventually completely isolated myself.

In the summer when I began to lose weight, I started posting less.  A lot of stuff was going on in my life and I didn’t have time and when I did I was either working out or just playing around on the computer.

My confidence also began to rise as I lost weight and I started to love myself.  I started wearing clothes that didn’t before and I was so happy.  I enjoyed my vacation after losing 13 lbs on Beach Body Bootcamp.  And when I came back it was time to prepare for school.  I went shopping with my mother and bought jeans and shirts and it was an amazing experience.

When school started, I wore what I wanted.  I wore makeup that I liked and changed up my outfits.  I didn’t need this blog as an outlet anymore.  I can go out with confidence and wear the outfits I use to post on this blog.

But without this blog, I don’t think I’d be able to lose the weight and be this happy.

So now for how this blogs gonna change.  I’m gonna post more since gymnastics is just about over.  I also think I’m gonna do another personal challenge as I try to lose the last 20 lbs.  I want make more fashion, makeup and health and fitness post but I need your ideas.

What do you wanna see on this blog?  Leave any fashion  makeup, health and fitness post you would like to see and I will try my best to make them happen!

Again thank you guys for all your help and support.  I love you all!!

2 thoughts on “I’ve Changed

  1. I think you should post what has and is working for you. Things that inspire you, because I think there are a lot of other “yous” out there. People going thru similar feelings and situations. We all should love who we are on the inside, unfortunately it isn’t always easy when you don’t like who you are on the outside. I think you could encourage & inspire others by staying as true to you as possible. I don’t know if any of that helped you or not :-/ but thanks for the chance to share my opinion 🙂 And congratulations on your journey of self transformation, may it continue to get better every day!

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