Everyday Fall/Winter Makeup Look

For winter, I love copper, gold and brown eyeshadows.  And I found this awesome cheap palette that has all of these colors.  I will have a review up soon but it is my favorite palette for fall/winter.  This is one of the many simple looks you can do with only 3 colors.  I know in the morning I am tired as heck and don’t want to be using 50 different colors so I came up with this simple easy and pretty look that can be worn everyday for school and work.

  1. Put primer all over the lids to make sure your shadows stay on all day.
  2. Place a little bit of dark brown shadow in the crease and blend it out thoroughly.
  3. Pack on a copper shadow all over the lid.
  4. Blend together the copper and the brown with a clean brush.
  5. Put a shimmery gold in the inner tearduct to highlight.
  6. Place a little more brown in the crease to create a smokey effect.
  7. Use a cream black liner and some mascara and you’re done!

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