Trend Alert: Bodysuits!

This piece of clothing is one of the weirdest ones I’ve seen.  The first time I saw one I thought it was a really skimpy piece of clothing that only go go dancers wore.  But it turns out, many women wear it.  It like a bathing suit but most have a clip at the crotch to go to the bathroom.  Most times it’s with some sort of bottom and the plus to this instead of a shirt is it eliminates the likelihood of anyone seeing your undies all day.  The problem is many women don’t know how to what is it or how to wear it.  Here I’ve created 4 different outfits that include a bodysuit that can be used for just about anyone you buy.

1. Beach Bunny

For a simple boardwalk/beach look pair a bodysuit with high-waisted or regular shorts and flip flops and your ready to go.

2. Lazy Days

For those lazy days,  pair a body suit with black yoga pants, a denim jacket(I have a long post on these here) and some mocassins and your comfortable yet stylish.

3. Party Hottie

If it’s a clubbing night pair a bodysuit with a bodycon skirt and some heels and your ready to go.

4. Everyday Winter

I also wanted to show that body suits aren’t only for the summer.  You can bring this piece into your winter wardrobe by pairing it with a cardigan, high-waisted or regular jeans and some boots.

And there you have it.  Four ways to style a bodysuit.  If you have anymore ways to wear a bodysuit or want be to do a specific fashion post, leave them in the comments!!

4 thoughts on “Trend Alert: Bodysuits!

  1. So funny! I remember my mom used to make me wear these when I was 6, and I hated them. Now I’m 18 and I actually really like the look! haha

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