Countdown to Christmas: Week 2 Review and Weigh In

Now the end of the second week and here’s the review:

Here was my schedule for this week:

Monday: 15 min run straight + 30DBL

Tuesday: 30 min dance +30DBL

Wednesday: 20 min run straight + 30DBL

Thursday: 25 min dance + Yoga

Friday: 30 min run straight(w/ intervals after) + 30DBL

Saturday: 30 min dance + half of 30DBL

Here is my schedule for next week:

Monday: 30 minute run

Tuesday: 30 min dance + 30DBL

Wednesday: 36 minute run + 30DBL

Thursday: 30 min dance + 30DBL

Friday: 30 minute run w/ 10 minutes 1st mile + 30DBL

Saturday: 30 min dance Sunday: 30DBL

Weigh in:

Start Weight(11/25/12): 144.8 lbs

Last Weeks Weight(12/2/12): 143.1

Current Weight(12/9/12): 142.4

Weight Lost: .7 lbs

Measurements(after slash is new):

Bust- 35.5 in across and 29.5 in under/35 in across and same in under

Waist- 27 in/26.5

Hips- 38 in/same

Inches Lost: 1 in

I accomplished 2 of my December goals this week!  I not only ran 20 minutes straight, I ran 30 minutes straight!  I also learned another yoga pose solidly and am working on my last one that just needs to be a little more stable.

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