Countdown to Christmas: Week 3 Review and Weigh In

I’m so incredibly annoyed with myself.  Like I gained weight this week and I know why.  I ate badly and I didn’t workout as much.  Why do I do this to myself.   My weight has been yoyoing for a while and I hate it.  I just can’t get it down.  But then I found this photo and it kinda helps:

Success isn’t easy nor does it happen quickly.  I will get there but it will take time and hard work.

My running has been pretty good so I’m gonna start a 10k training program to help me get my mileage up.  The schedule I’m using is this one by Hal Higdon.  And I’m dance for 30 minutes on non running days.  I may not reach my goal weight for this challenge but I’l still try to get my weight down.

Current Weight: 144.7 lbs

2 thoughts on “Countdown to Christmas: Week 3 Review and Weigh In

  1. I wouldn’t beat yourself up so much about a goal weight. If you’re a normal young woman close to/at a healthy weight, and you eat healthy and maintain a regular cardio/strength training routine, it’s likely that your weight will average itself out and perhaps plateau even while the size of your body is shrinking. One pound of muscle takes up far less space than one pound of fat. Don’t get discouraged. 🙂

    There are also a lot of little tiny factors that influence your weight on a day to day basis. Stress, sleep, water retention, hormonal cycles, etc all contribute to little fluctuations that happen constantly. These things can cause your body weight to vary up to +/- five whole pounds in one day!

    These may all be things that you already know, but I wanted to leave them here in the comments just in case. Weight is just a number and it’s a shame to chain yourself to it. The important things are the quality of your health, your confidence, and ultimately your enjoyment of your own body and your life. Keep up the hard work! You have a great blog going on here. 🙂

    • Thank you so much for this message. I’ve been thinking lately of just stopping weighing myself and kind of letting my body tell me where it wants to me. I always preach that the scale doesn’t mean anything but it gets difficult when you step on the scale constantly and it doesn’t move in the right direction. Again, thank you so much for this insight and I’m gonna try and stop caring so much about the scale.

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