Countdown to Christmas: Final Week Review and Weigh In

This week was better than last week.  I lost weight and ate alittle better.  I also followed the 10k training program and can now run 3.1 miles straight!  Huge accomplishment for me.  The whole time I just kept thinking of how fat me would have quick after 5 minutes but here I was so close to finishing.  Sometimes you have to be your own motivation.  Also the Matrix was so that help too.(PS.Awesome movie, if you haven’t seen you have to immediately!)

Weigh in:

Start Weight(11/25/12): 144.8 lbs

Last Weeks Weight(12/16/12): 144.7

Current Weight(12/23/12): 142.7

Weight Lost: 2 lbs

Measurements(after slash is new):

Bust- 35.5 in across and 29.5 in under/34.5 in across and same in under

Waist- 26.5 in/same

Hips- 38 in/same

Inches Lost: 1 in

So I don’t think I’m gonna revisit my goals for this challenge because it will just discourage me.  But I have accomplished alot in this 4 weeks and learned alot about myself.  Stay tuned for my next challenge which will begin in 12/30!

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