Revisit December Goals+January Goals

Here are my December goals revisited:

December Goals

Get down to 137.5 lbs(Not even gonna touch this one)

Be able to run 20 minutes straight (Can run about 37 minutes straight!)

Enjoy the holiday season(Had so much fun!  I spent time with family and relaxed)

Get all grades to at least a 90(Giving myself like a 90% done because I have one B)

Eat better on the weekends!(Giving myself an 80% because I’ve been alittle better)

Learn 3 new yoga poses(Got these three: one, two, three)

Complete the 30 Day Butt Lift(Gave up after the first week, blah)

Keep carbs around 150 g/day(Got about 50% but I’ve been cramping while running so upping my carbs)

So in total I got about 65% which is not terrible but I want to do alot better in Janurary.


January Goals

Lose 3.5 lbs

Get all grades to at least a 90

Read 1 or 2 fashion book

Keep organized/using calender

Go to bed by 10:30 on weeknights

Do community service

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