Stylist Assignment #1: Purity

I’ve been looking into fashion styling a lot as a career lately.  And to be a stylist, you have to have a certain set of skills.  I’m trying to build these skills here by doing these “styling assignments”.

Every week(hopefully), there will be a new assignment.  It will be a word or a phrase or an idea.  My/your job is to build on it and create a collage/mood board.  Then shape it into a photoshoot.  This week’s assignment is purity.  The question is how would you style and direct a photoshoot with the theme of purity.  This is my very messy mood board:

Purity took on alot of meanings to me.  I thought of innocence, weddings(dresses and rings), babies/children, white, water, nature/natural, love, and angels.  I tried to put picture representation of all these things in my mood board/collage.

If I were to do a photoshoot, I would have all of the models wearing minimal makeup/clothing and shoot:

  • women on bed with blanket covering her private parts
  • children playing in white clothing
  • child asleep
  • women in white surrounded by nature
  • couple in white surrounded by nature(maybe Adam and Eve allusion)
  • gay couple in white surrounded by a sort of white cloud dressed in green leaves
  • women in angel wings in the sunset
  • proposal on the beach

Most of these can be interchanged to make tons of little shoots.  I know the mood board isn’t great but I just wanted to put all the inspiration images together.  The shoots I listed are only a few of my ideas.  As time goes on, these assignments will get harder and my work will get better.

I would love it any of you guys tried this assignment for yourselves and posted your mood boards and shoot ideas on my facebook page and I could post them at the end of the next styling assignment.  If you have any tips on making these assignments better or have any assignment ideas, please leave them in the comments!


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