Quick Style Tip: Statement Scarves!

So we’ve all heard of statement pieces of clothing and jewelry so what about statement scarves?  All winter I’ve been wearing scarves and learned that scarves can take a boring outfit to exciting.  When I’m having a blah day and just want to wear something plain I make sure to pair it with a crazy scarf and I instantly have a cute fashionable outfit.

Submitted to IFB Project #78

4 thoughts on “Quick Style Tip: Statement Scarves!

  1. I do not leave home without one. As a nursing mom my fashion favorite becomes a cover for nursing baby. One less thing to carry, one less person giving me the eye while I nurse.

  2. Can you Imagine a little over a year and a half ago I hated scarves and everyone just kept buying me one as a present. I am reaping the benefits of the gifts now! Good Replacement for a necklace and earring when wearing a plain top!

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