Styling Assignment #2: Strength

This is the 2nd styling assignment!  The theme was strength and I think I managed to capture it.  When I think of strength, I think of physical strength, mental strength, the ability to ask for help, overcoming adversity and eating disorders.  I also think of the Women’s March on Versailles which is, if you don’t know, when women marched to the Palace of Versailles to talk to King Louis XVI and get bread for their starving children.  The inspiration for this assignment came from MAC Cosmetics Strength line where they have a female bikini competitor in gorgeous makeup and a dress.  I just love that they are glorifying women being strong and showing that having muscles is beautiful.  

If I were to do a shoot, I would do:

  • a modern take on the paintings of the Women’s March on Versailles
  • an editorial shoot with a cancer survivor, an amputee, female bikini/bodybuilding competitor, yoga guru
  • an editorial shoot showing women/men overcoming domestic abuse and eating disorders
  • dancers doing leaps, jumps, turns, etc
  • different athletes doing their sport

I might come back to this post and add more shoot ideas because I know I had more before and just cannot think of them.

If you have any ideas, please leave them in the comments!  I would love to hear  them.  Also, if you end up making your own collage, upload it to my facebook page and I will post it in the next styling assignment or add it to this one.

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