Celeb Inspiration: Lana Del Rey(Makeup Tutorial+3 Style Guides)

I honestly love Lana Del Rey with all my heart.  Her music is fantastic(listening to Born to Die:Paradise Edition now) and her style and makeup are beautiful.  Here are tons of pictures, a makeup tutorial for her main look and 3 style guides:

Makeup Tutorial

  1. Prime your entire eyelid and along your lower lashline.
  2. Place a light brown eyeshadow in your crease as a transition color.
  3. Put a light slightly shimmery white color all over the lid.
  4. Using a pencil brush, outline your crease with a dark brown.
  5. Blend out the dark brown a bit.
  6. Take a liquid liner and line the upper lashline with a sharp cat eye and continue it on the lower lashline stopping a little farther than 3/4 of the way.
  7. Place a white pencil eyeliner in your waterline.
  8. Put on fake lashes and maraca on your upper lashes and lower lashes.
  9. Put on your primer, concealer, foundation and powder.
  10. Contour your cheeks, nose and temples for sharper features.
  11. Put a pink nude blush on your cheeks.
  12. Place a peachy nude lipstick on the lips.
  13. And volia!  Your done.

Style Guides

Editorial Fashion Work


Lana del Rey for H&M



Lana Del Rey had an editorial inspired by her style in May issue of Style Singapore.

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