Valentine’s Day Date Outfit Ideas

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Valentine’s Day is soon approaching and so is the anxiety of finding the perfect outfit, makeup and hair for this special day with your significant other.  Many thoughts go through your head, deciding whether that dress is too fancy or those jeans are too casual.  To help calm that anxiety, I put together 3 different outfits for a casual date, a fancy date and a lighter fancy date. 

Casual Outfit

If you have a lunch date, meeting someone for coffee, etc, then this outfit is perfect for you.  The aim for this look is to come off very relaxed and comfortable and just happens to be stylish.  Pair any pastel colored jean, I chose mint, with a flowy white top and nude pumps.  For jewelry, keep it simple, wear a matching pastel ring and gold necklace.  For makeup, wear a natural eye look (contouring shadow in the crease, light shadow in the inner corner, eyeliner and mascara) with a nude lipstick.  And for nails, wear a light gray color.

Dinner Date/Fancy Outfit

If you have a dinner date, this outfit is perfect for you.  The aim for this look is a look sexy yet incredibly classy and stylish.  Pair a red and black dress(my favorite spin on the classic red dress) with strappy black wedges.  For jewelry, wear a gold, or silver, charm bracelet and ring.  For makeup, do a simple smokey eye(light shadow on the inner part of the lid, darker shadow blended in the crease, blended out eyeliner on upper and lower lashline and in the waterline and mascara with false lases if you like) with a red or nude lipstick.  And for nails, any combination of red or black will work.

Light Fancy Outfit

This outfit is also for a dinner date but alittle lighter and less harsh.  The aim for this look is to come off very classy, elegant, and innocent with a sexy side.  Pair a white flowy dress(sort of like a Marilyn Monroe dress) with red pumps.  For jewelry, wear a collared necklace with a gold charm bracelet.  For makeup, do a very light smokey eye(lighter contour shade) with a pink nude lipstick.  And for nails, wear a nude pink nail polish.

I hope you found this collection of date looks helpful.  You can find all of the exact products in the pictures here.  If you have any more ideas for looks, please leave them in the comments!  And if you use any of these looks for inspiration for that special date, post it on my  facebook page.

This post has been submitted as an entry to IFB Project #82: The Season of Love. 

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