OOTD + Harlem Shake + Foot Pain :(

Today I had a performance of a scene of Macbeth and decided with my group that the witches would wear all black.  I’m wearing a black cardigan, black camisole, black scarf, black leather pants and black riding boots.

I have good news and bad news this week.  The good new is I got a 92% average of all my grades for the 2nd marking period!!!  Well on my way to a solid 3.5 GPA(bombed 1st marking period and trying to raise it up).  I’ve been doing pretty well in school lately and I really think it came along with sleeping more.  Instead of going to bed around 11-11:30, I now go to bed at about 10 and play on my IPod till 10:30 effectively putting me to sleep.  I’ve also been watching an insane amount of Dr. Who and finished season 3 today.  This has become an obsession and I don’t plan on trying to stop anytime soon.  The other good news is I am finally up to date with a new trend.  Have you guys heard about the Harlem Shake?  Here a video:

I don’t know why I love it so much but I’ve seen some many videos of these it’s insane.  I just find it utterly hilarious.

And onto a sadder note, my foot pain has gotten to the point where it hurts to run(it only hurt when walking before) and when I try to accommodate for my hurt foot and end up getting terrible shin splints.  I’ve decided to deem this week a rest week and get proper arch supports(I think I’m getting pain because of my almost flat arches).  And starting next week I’ll try doing a combination of running and yoga to not only help get stronger but also stretch out my muscles.

On a final note, if you’re alone like me on Valentine’s Day, check out this adorable puppy who can be all of our Valentines(click on the picture for a link to the gallery)

On Wednesday, he'll get you a dozen roses.

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