Half Marathon Training: 10 Weeks to Go!

This week held alot of uncertainty and realization.  I got a blister that became inflamed and was very very painful.  It hurt to walk and I decided to skip my Thursday  run and started to freak out and think that I couldn’t possibly prepare for a half marathon.  But I continued to tell myself that it was okay to take a break if I was in pain.  And that it would only make it worse and I wouldn’t be able to run my long run this week if I attempted it.  I took my break and my long run for this week was amazing!  I ran for over an hour and I was able to breath great and my legs felt good.  And the best part was, I had no foot pain!   Here was my schedule for this week:

Monday: 30 min tempo(10 min easy at 10 min/mi, 10 min hard(5 at 8:34 and 5 at 9:09), 5 min walk, 5 min easy at 10 min/mi)

Tuesday: Cross Training


Wednesday: 3 mi

Thursday: 3 mi(took a rest day because of pain in my blister)

Friday: Yoga(no yoga)

Saturday: 5 or 5.6 mi

Next week’s schedule  is gonna be alittle redundant.  I’m starting to get use to running regularly and there are very little changes in my training schedule.  No real changes are gonna happen until the 4/5 week which I am totally ok with, I love routine.  I also get to run a 10k this week!!!  So excited to get out there and race again.  I don’t have a goal time, I just want to finish strong.  I will also have a race recap(I’m still working on my 5k one, it will be up soon).

Monday: 6 x 400 5k pace

Tuesday: Cross Training

Wednesday: 3 mi

Thursday: 3 mi

Friday: Yoga

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: 10k!!(6.2 mi)

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