Beach Body Bootcamp 2013

BB Bootcamp 2013 edit

Welcome to the Beach Body Bootcamp Challenge.  This challenge is for anybody of any level and age.  It’s a heath/fitness/weight loss challenge.  This is an 12 week challenge in which our goal is to get a beach ready body.  It starts on March 18th and ends June 8th.  This is my second year doing this challenge and would love for it to be as successful this year as it was last year.

What is it?

Beach Body Bootcamp is a challenge to help tighten and strengthen your body for summer and the rest of your life.

How does it work?

Every other week I’ll post goals, a sample workout schedule, challenge and workout that should be completed at least once that week.   There will be no winners or loser either.  This is completely personal challenge where you work to outdo yourself.

How do you join?

You may join at any time during this challenge.  This challenge is purely to benefit you, so you have to track yourself.  I will have a spreadsheet that you can download and track your personal progress.  I also recommend liking my facebook page and following my twitter  because I will be posting mini challenges throughout that will help you get really fit.  Following blog is will also send you an email whenever I make a post so you can keep up to date.

How will you track progress?

Instead of using pounds as our base measurement, we’ll use measurements of the body to track progress.  You will also have the ability  to use weight but I encourage you to mainly use measurements.  I will also make a spreadsheet that you can download and use to track your individual progress.

How will I know what to do every week?

Every Saturday, I will be posting a post on how often to workout, what workouts to do, what to eat, etc.  Check back here on Saturday for the first post!

Any other questions?

Ask in the comments!

8 thoughts on “Beach Body Bootcamp 2013

  1. Excited to see whats in store!My goal is to get toned for summer and I have been working out but I have also been looking for a set and scheduled plan to follow with additional workouts, meals, etc.! I can’t wait to check out your first post!

  2. I thought I was in pretty good shape but this workout is challenging my body which I think will pay off. I am excited to see what a couple weeks can do. Also the 2L of water was not as hard as I though it would be to get down.

  3. I’m willing to give this a try since I gained a bit of weight after having my first munchkin. My only issue would be “remembering” since I usually forget after having to tend to the little one. I hope I will keep up with your program, it looks perfect for me.

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