Beach Body Bootcamp 2013 Phase 1: Diet/Workout Plan

BB Bootcamp 2013 Phase 1

Beach Body Bootcamp officially starts Monday! Here, I will be outlining all the workout and diet changes I want you all to make.


For this challenge eating healthy and clean is the goal. I set my net calorie limit(eat back calories burnt from exercise) at 1200-1500 calories but make sure to do what best for your body. If calorie counting is not your thing, don’t feel obligated to do it. I have a ‘How to Lose Weight’ post that outlines how to decide how many calories you should be eating per day if you do want to count calories.

I will also be drinking 8 glasses or 2L of water a day.

Be sure to have at one cheat meal a day so you don’t drive your self insane.



4x cardio/week–>; Do anything that makes your heart beat faster for at least 30 min 4x a week. This includes dancing, biking, running, etc.

2x strength training/week–>; Here is the workout I want you to do 2x a week. I really want to show you guys that you can get fit without a gym. So for this workout, all you need is your body.

FG Abs workout

Sample Workout Schedule

Monday: Cardio + Strength Training

Tuesday: Cardio

Wednesday: Cardio

Thursday: Strength Training

Friday: Cardio

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Rest


Phase 1

The idea of phase 1 is to introduce exercise and healthy eating to your everyday lifestyle and make it a habit. The workout consistency and eating style will stay the same and I will be posting a new strength training workout either every week or every other week to keep you body guessing. Feel feel to switch up workout days from my sample schedule The one I created is just an example of how you can space out your workouts to accommodate your needs.



This week I want you all to begin cleaning up your diet. I want you to include more fruits and veggies into your diet. And also begin drinking 2L of water daily.


Challenge for Week 1 and 2

Everyday this week I want you to do 50 squats! You can split them up throughout the day or knock them out all at once, but either way I want a total of 50 squats per day from all of you!



For this entire challenge, I want you to track your measurements and weight every 2 weeks. I have created a simple spreadsheet for you to download and add in your stats here. Just click the file header and scroll down and click download as…Microsoft Excel.

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