Cupid Chase 5k: Race Recap

On a February 23, 2013, I ran my second 5k(first one when I was young) and it was an amazing experience.  I had my dad take a bunch of pictures so I’m gonna give you a run through of the day with pictures.

Cupid Chase 5k and During 001 edit

The night before I laid out my clothes and bib.

Cupid Chase 5k and During 002

For breakfast I had cinnamon oatmeal and a water bottle.

Cupid Chase 5k and During 003

While I was waiting for my dad to print out the directions I took picture of my shoes.

Cupid Chase 5k and During 010

As we were driving in, I saw this and freaked out!  I was so excited I made my dad stop so I could get a picture.

Cupid Chase 5k and During 013

In the pavilion where we all waited and at the food provided(they had bagels, bananas, coffee, etc for free).  I saw this cute engraving.  I think it says Barb + Lisa.  We also waited because it was raining outside.  It ended up raining the entire race but it turned out fine.

Cupid Chase 5k and During 019

My dad got a picture of when everyone started running.

Cupid Chase 5k and During 021 edit

My official time!  Slower than what I had hoped for but it was my first one in a long long time and I think I did well considering.  Through out the race I contemplated stopping many times but I never did I’m really proud of myself.  The course was hilly and I did not know that before and it was difficult when it was close to the end and there is this huge towering hill.  The volunteers were amazing!  Everytime you went by one they would yell and tell you how good you were doing.  They made it so much easier to keep going every though it was cold and raining.

Cupid Chase 5k and During 025

Here was the table of awards in the pavilion   Although I didn’t win one(one girl came in before me!) I was still really happy when I saw how happy everyone was when they got their medals.

In the end I came in 33/111 in total and 17/78 in women which makes me super happy.  All in all this was an amazing small race that was pretty well organized and had awesome people in it.  The winner had a time of 18:32 which is utterly amazing to me.  He managed to come in before they had the people with pom poms waving people across the finish line.

I am so excited for my 10k tomorrow and will make sure to get more(and hopefully better) pictures.

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