Half Marathon Training: 9 Weeks to Go!

It is so weird to see only single digits left.  I’m slowly getting more and more excited for the race.  This week I’m gonna start thinking about my costume.  I know it’s a superhero race but I kinda want to dress like someone from Doctor Who because I consider them superheros.  On that note, who is your favorite superhero?  I would love suggestions.  This week I also had like one of my worst 3 mi runs.  I had terrible shin splints and I had to stop once because an old lady asked for directions.  But also, my 10k was awesome!(more detailed account tomorrow)  I also hit 102 mi for this year this week!!!  So excited.  I don’t have a mileage goal for 2013 but it’s still nice to see how far I’m come.  Here was my schedule for this week:

Monday: 6 x 400 5k pace

Tuesday: Cross Training


Wednesday: 3 mi

Thursday: 3 mi(skipped)

Friday: Yoga(skipped)

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: 10k!!(6.2 mi)


This week I have to go a soccer tournament out of state for my sister and will have to cut my mileage.  But I planned for this so I changed my schedule to fit to being away Friday night, Saturday and Sunday.  Instead of doing a tempo run(which I hate)  I’m gonna do a HIIT workout instead for speed training.

Monday: Cross Training + Strength Training

Tuesday: 30 min HIIT run

Wednesday: 3 mi + Strength Training

Thursday: 3 mi

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Rest

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