Spring Run 10k Race Recap

Yesterday I ran my first 10k!  It was such an awesome experience and I can’t wait to race again.  My mother was in charge of pictures this time and she was not very good with it so I have no pictures from the actual race on my camera.  But I have 2 from her phone so I might add those later.  I do have pictures from the morning though so I’ll picture-walk(I just coined the term) you through the day.

SF Spring Run 10k pics 001

I had my alarm set for 6:45 so I could chug 2 bottles of water and then go back to bed.  The time I actually woke up was around 8:40 and I went to the bathroom and got my breakfast of cereal and a bottle of water.

SF Spring Run 10k pics 002

I then laid out my clothes and went to the bathroom again before putting them on.

SF Spring Run 10k pics 003After I plugged up my IPod to charge it more and added some song to it to make my playlist a bit more exciting.  Don’t worry, I’ll post my new playlist as soon I have time to transfer it to my computer.

After this shot I have no more pictures so I’ll just talk you through my day.  Before we left I went the bathroom 2 more times and then me and my mom jumped into the car to drive to the race site.  We got lost on the way but we left early so we had time to get our footing.  We still ended up there early and walked around and sat in the car to warm up.  We left the car about 15 min before the race was planned to start and we walked up to the start line and my mom made me stretch abit.  10 min before the race was planned to start I decided to go pee(I couldn’t figure out if it was nerves or I really had to go) and found the line to be pretty long.  When I finally went, I found the porta pottie I was in had no hand sanitizer and had to run to get some out of the one next to it.  I sprinted to the start line but the race didn’t start till about 5 min later.

I started closer to the back of the pact and got passed alot as I was running.  I didn’t let this get to me because I didn’t want to be really tired towards the end.  As I went, I noticed the trail was alot of rolling hills but was pretty manageable  From about mile 1, this woman passed me but not by alot.  From then on I tried to keep behind her to keep pace.  After mile 3 I saw the start clock(it was a double loop) and saw that it was about 33 min and began to start running faster to get a 1 hr time.  I then began pass the woman in front of me and then she passed me again until about mile 5.5 we were neck and neck.  Once I saw the finish line, I took off and managed to score a time of 1:04:47.  Although it’s not the 1 hr time I hoped for, I’m still very proud of my time and actually completing this race without walking.  I was 35/47 for women and 104/125 for overall.

There was no one else in my age group so I ended up winning it and got a $15 gift certificate.

SF Spring Run 10k pics 005

I’m still deciding on what to spend it on.  I think I might buy a handheld water bottle because I have some long runs(7+ mi) coming up and I need to have some water with me.

Overall, this race was an amazing experience that I would do again and again.  This race just proved to make me more excited for my half in May.

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