Adorable Video and Future Career

Let’s just start this post off with an adorable video that had me smiling ear to ear.

And here’s part 2 if you want to see the rest of it!

And on another thought, I have been really forced to look at what I want to do with my life the past few weeks.  As many of you know, I previously really wanted to work in fashion.  And I still do but my mother has said that she will only pay for certain majors.  So I have been forced to look into more “realistic” majors.  But I think I’ve found something I would enjoy and be really good at.

And that thing is…physical therapy!  I would do a 3+3 program and get an undergrad in exercise science and then a doctorate in physical therapy.  I love working out and creating workouts for people so once I got my exercise science degree, I could also do personal training. This job also continues to be in demand and has a good pay.


I told my mom about this and she said that she thinks it will be good but I have to watch out for human anatomy and physiology which I think if I work hard, I can still do.  I also plan on taking AP Biology and human biology, which I’m actually excited about.

If any you guys have any experience with this, taking classes similar, are a physical therapist, etc, I would love tips or any information you have to offer.  I’m still thinking and my mind may change very soon but right now I am set on majoring in this in college.

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