My 2013 New Years Resolutions! Revised

I was looking at my new years resolutions and realized I had to change a few because a future career change.  I just crossed out a few and added 2 that are more suited to my current goals.

  1. Grow My Blog: This blog is like my baby and I want it to grow over this new year.  Since I’ve been thinking of going into the fashion industry this could possibly act as a portfolio.  I want more quality posts showcasing my ability to style and forecast trends.   This also includes getting a logo and a website design.
  2. Purchase materials to make this blog better:  To start taking better pictures I want to get a DLSR camera.  And to make this blog more profession I want to purchase a domain name.
  3. Connect with 1 Brand: I want to start working with one brand this year and maybe host a giveaway!
  4. Join a few Blogger Program: This includes Teen Vogue’s program, iFabbo, Next, theitsgirls, FitFluential and maybe some brands blogger programs.
  5. Get to a comfortable weight/body: I’ve been on this weight loss journey for so long and I’ve lost so much weight but I’ve gotten complacent.  I want to rev up this year and lose the rest of this weight and get to more comfortable with myself.
  6. Get GPA to a 3.5: I had a 3.8 last year but I know it dropped from my grades last marking period.  I want to get it to at least a 3.5 by the end of the year.
  7. Start working on a portfolio: If I’m serious about going into the fashion industry I have to start working on a portfolio of shoots that I style and do the makeup for.  This will also be good practice for the future.
  8. Start a fashion club at school/working on a fashion show: I want to start a fashion club because it looks good on college applications and maybe I could make a few friends that share this passion.  I also want to start working on a fashion show for my Gold Award for Girl Scouts.
  9. Run a Half Marathon: My running has gotten a lot better these past few weeks and I want to eventually run a half marathon this year.  I’m think around September I’ll be ready.
  10. Learn more about fashion: I want to immerse myself in fashion.  I want to read memoirs  biographies, books, etc.  I want to know everything so research will be my friend.
  11. Keep up with my fashion journal: I just started it yesterday(tutorial coming soon) and I want to continue to paste articles in it and write everything I learn in it.  By the end of the year I want it to become a sort of fashion bible.
  12.  Get a job: I need money, simplest explanation.
  13. Be more friendly: I’m very awkward around people I don’t normally talk to.  I hate it, so I’m going to try and change it.  I wanna be more friendly and talk to people more instead of just avoiding them.

Added ones:

  1. Start work on Girl Scouts Gold Award: I really want to put this on my college resume so I have to start working on it soon.  I’m hoping to do something health and fitness related because that really is a passion of mine.
  2. Run a sub 25 min 5k: I plan on doing cross country this coming fall and it would be awesome to get a varsity letter(so I can get a varsity jacket).  But really I just want to prove to myself that I can run a 8 min mile for 3 mi.

2 thoughts on “My 2013 New Years Resolutions! Revised

  1. When I was a teenager I was terrified of changing my career goals which I had so openly declared. I’m thoroughly proud of you for following your own path and goals, announcing them publicly, and being willing to change yourself however many times suits you.

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