Focusing on School + Doctor Who!!

I’ve been looking into different schools but, so was my mother.  She is very set on me going to school instate and I’m set on going to school out of state.  Her main point is the cost is less instate and I want to graduate school without student loans.  So I’ve been forced to think about my studies.  The school I really want to go to has good scholarships for those who have an 88% average or higher and combined math/critical reading SAT score of 1100.  They also have one scholarship that gives full tuition to one person with a 93% average or higher and combined math/critical reading SAT score of 1300.  I’m sure that if I work hard I can make all those things happen and maybe be able to go out of state.  

In order to reach a goal, I know that you have to address the problem.  I always do homework, but I have problems with studying for tests.  I always get bored and can’t focus on reading the information and end on the internet playing around.  I also do pretty well without studying so I have no motivation.  Sometimes I even do better with certain subjects without studying.  I usually get 80% or above on tests without studying so I don’t focus on it, but in order to get my average to a 93%, I have to get 90% or above on most of my tests.

Now for the plan, I need to block out time to study just like I block out time to run/workout.  Everyday, after I finish my homework I will spend at least one hour studying for a subject I have a test in.  I’m gonna start with one hour of studying only because I know my mind can only handle it for so long.  I’ll see how it works for me and if my grades improve, then I’ll continue to do it and if I don’t then I’ll readjust my plan.

On another completely unrelated note, who’s excited for the Doctor Who series 7.5 premiere on Saturday?  I am ridiculously excited and I’m going to a Doctor Who themed party for the premiere, so I think you can see how dedicated I am.

Do have problems studying.?

Do you have any tips?

Do you watch Doctor Who?

Leave it in the comments!


3 thoughts on “Focusing on School + Doctor Who!!

  1. I used to be such a hardcore Whovian, but once David left, I quit watching.

    On another note, I went through the same thing with my parents (and I ended up getting to go out of state). It’s tough convincing them to let their baby go (trust me, the money thing is probably a cover for keeping you near them), but ultimately it is your life and your dreams, and if this college is a part of that, then you need to pursue it. You only get one life.

  2. Hi! That’s great that you are focusing on school. I want to suggest you this app (if you have a Mac), it’s called Self Control. It doesn’t allow you to access any site you list in the app. This is a great way to stay focus without the temptation of the Internet! Trust me, you won’t be able to enter Facebook until the timer if off! For studying tips I have few posts about studying and getting organized on my blog. Check them out if you want 🙂
    Let us know how it goes! 🙂

  3. You can listen to audio tracks while you run. My son has difficulty retaining or staying focused on subjects when he isn’t moving. If you upload podcasts or audio files to your iPod, then you can study while you run and might find it greatly helpful.

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