Beach Body Bootcamp 2013: 10 Weeks To Go!

BB Bootcamp 2013 Phase 1

After to 2 weeks of hard work, lets change it up a bit!  Here are some new goals and challenges.  Phase 1 ends in 2 weeks so make it count!


4x cardio/week–>; Do anything that makes your heart beat faster for at least 30 min 4x a week. This includes dancing, biking, running, etc.

2x strength training/week–>; Here is the workout I want you to do 2x a week. I really want to show you guys that you can get fit without a gym. So for this workout, all you need is your body.

FG Abs workout

But repeat 4 more times instead of 2 more times.

Sample Workout Schedule

Monday: Cardio + Strength Training

Tuesday: Cardio

Wednesday: Cardio

Thursday: Strength Training

Friday: Cardio

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Rest


Focus on putting your all into every workout.  If you give 70% effort, you’ll get 70% results.


Keep a food diary for the next 2 weeks.  Everything that goes in your mouth goes into the book.  It will help you keep accountable and really show you all the food your eating.

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