Half Marathon Training: 7 Weeks To Go!

This week was amazing!!  I did every workout and ran my first 24 mi week(first 20+ week too).  It was also spring break so I had extra time to walk after some of the easy workouts to add some mileage for the week.  I also ran 10 mi straight for the first time ever.  I was suppose to do 8 mi at most but felt amazing and just couldn’t stop.  And the funny things is for the first 2 mi of the run I kept thinking about stopping.  But I didn’t and I completed something that I could of never dreamed of doing a year ago.  I have accomplished so much and I need to let that push me to go farther.  I also did that run with no fuel what’s so ever.  But after the run, my dad took me to the running store and bought me so many things!  Here a picture:

Running Haul 013

I got a new pair of running shoes(that I was recommend after showing her my arches and telling her about previous pains), pair of running capris, armband and chews and gels for longs runs.  I will be trying the shoes for the first time tomorrow and am so excited!  I hopefully won’t get blisters or arch pain but will tape up my foot just in case.  Here was my training schedule for the past week:

Monday: 7 x 400 5k pace + 1 mi walk

Tuesday: Cross Training +1.5 mi

Wednesday: 4 mi->4.6 mi 

Thursday: 4 mi->4.89 mi

Friday: Cross Training

Saturday: 6.9 mi or 7.9 mi(depends on how I’m feeling during the run)->10 mi!!!!

Sunday: Rest

After hitting 10 mi on Saturday, I am 3 weeks ahead in training.  I know that I will get bored just scheduling more long runs, so I decided to include a 5k and 10k in so I have something to look forward to.  I also hope to PR at both races(fingers crossed).  This week, I have a 10k scheduled where I hope to run a sub 1 hour race.  Wish me luck!  Here is my training schedule for this week:

Monday: Interval Training Workout

Tuesday: Cross Training

Wednesday: 4 mi

Thursday: 4 mi

Friday: Cross Training

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: 10k!!

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